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"Bell's Palsy of the Gut" and Other GI Manifestations of Lyme and Associated Diseases by Dr. Virginia S. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 10:52am PRACTICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY April 2006 by Virginia T. Sherr, MD Bell's palsy signifies paralysis of facial muscles related to inflammation of the associated seventh Cranial Nerve. Physicians may not realize that this syndrome is caused by the spirochetal agent of Lyme disease until proven otherwise. Whether it is a full or hemi ... Read on »
New Medical Book On The Facial Nerve by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 16 Jan 2014 7:00pm Already the author of five bestselling books, Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon and Director of the Facial Paralysis Institute Dr. Babak Azizzadeh’s new textbook The Facial Nerve is a comprehensive guide to facial nerve diseases. As the Director of the Facial Paralysis Institute in Beverly Hills, double board-certified surgeon Babak Az ... Read on »
Facial Nerve Decompression Proves Effective Treatment For Long Time Sufferers Of Bell’s Palsy & Facial Paralysis by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 26 Dec 2013 3:00am Expert facial paralysis surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, Director of the Facial Paralysis Institute in Beverly Hills discusses the promising treatment in a new article. In a newly published article to titled “Facial Nerve Decompression,” world-renowned Bell’s palsy doctor and facial nerve expert Babak Azizza ... Read on »
PV card: Bell's Palsy Treatment by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Posted Thu 21 Feb 2013 12:00am Accuracy Valid for practice True to literature Overall quality Please peer-review rate this blog post by clicking on the stars. Bell's Palsy is an idiopathic unilateral facial nerve par ... Read on »
WHAT DOCTORS ARE NOT TOLD by Joanne60 Posted Tue 31 Aug 2010 6:06am I have decided to post all 4 of Tom Grier's lectures which give us such an insight into what Doctors are not being told about Borrelia infections commonly referred to as Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is considered The Great Imitator not just presenting with Arthritis but neurological, psychiatric, heart block and digestive symptoms such that p ... Read on »
Possible New Treatment For Permanent Bell’s Palsy by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 23 Jan 2014 7:00am Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, Director of the Facial Paralysis Institute, comments on the recent treatment of a Bell’s palsy patient with stromal vascular fraction cells. An article published October 9, 2013, on CNN described the recent treatment of a patient living with permanent Bell’s palsy and Type I diabetes with IntelliCell Bioscience ... Read on »
When to Suspect Lyme by Dr. Virginia S. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 10:49am The most useful diagnostic reference: the “Bible” of Lyme medical literature. by John Bleiweiss, MD. The When To Suspect Lyme Disease essay: This essay, written by John D. Bleiweiss, M.D., in April, 1994 is very long, but also very comprehensive and helpful. Any doctor checking for Lyme disease would do well to read this essay first; any ... Read on »
HIP DYSPLASIA IN DOGS by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Fri 07 Aug 2009 12:12pm Wow, what an Independence Day celebration! Desperado and Helpful Buckeye had a little bit of everything for our 4th of July sampler. First, we took a long walk through our neighborhood, enjoying all of the American flags and bunting being displayed. Then, we were treated to one of nature's special thunder and lightning shows during the afternoon.. ... Read on »
World-Renowned Facial Paralysis Surgeon Reacts To Study Of Emergency Room Bell’s Palsy Diagnoses by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 Sep 2013 3:00pm Internationally acclaimed facial paralysis surgeon in Los Angeles, Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, discusses the findings of a recently published study that looked at the accuracy of Bell’s palsy diagnoses over the past 6 years. A study published July 25, 2013 in Annals of Emergency Medicine revealed the results of an analysis of emergency roo ... Read on »
PROOF THAT CHRONIC LYME EXISTS by Marjorie Tietjen Posted Wed 15 Dec 2010 8:08am FOR STUDIES THAT SHOW LYME DISEASE CAN BE A CHRONIC RELAPSING INFECTION, PLEASE SEE THE PERSISTENCE FILES AT Interdiscip Perspect Infect Dis. 2010; 2010: 876450. Published online 2010 May 25. doi: 10.1155/2010/876450. PMCID: PMC2876246 ... Read on »