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The week of March 27th; I which I have a little staycation and have time with R by KFloortime Lite Mama Posted Wed 31 Mar 2010 11:59am Friday I clean insanely while DH and R are away for gymnastics with my I pod in my ears listening to "The Hollow" by Agatha Christie-  ( My local library now allows you to electronically check out books- can you belive how cool my little town in getting?) I have read it many times before - at different parts of my life. ... Read on »
Stand by your Man… by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 16 Nov 2009 10:02pm Ok…I debated writing about this…and may even regret it, but it is hard for me to not have some sort of commentary on this subject.  For one, I don’t like politics and I’m not a political person…at all.  And two, I am in no place to judge other people or their lives.  That said, it still makes me sick to see people hurt and betrayed, and then st ... Read on »
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Apples (But Were Afraid to Ask) by Chelsea Green Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Mar 2010 10:11am    The following is an excerpt from Whole Foods Companion: A Guide for Adventurous Cooks, Curious Shoppers, and Lovers of Natural Foods by Dianne Onstad . It ... Read on »
Foodie Dreams Do Come True and Eccentric Movement Studio by fitnesshealthandfood Health Maven Posted Fri 05 Aug 2011 9:33am Sometimes foodie dreams do come true… Like receiving my  Sunwarrior Protein Value Pack On the same day that I finish off a Jar of Teddie’s Peanut Butter. In this Chocolate Peanut Butter  Sunwarrior  Overnight Oats OIAJ mix: This OIAJ combo was so thick and delicious that it passed the Dairy Queen ice c ... Read on »
Personality Disorder Information by Alexandra Cohen Patient Expert Posted Sat 18 Apr 2009 12:36am Disorder Rating Paranoid Disorder: Very High Schizoid Disorder: Moderate Schizotypal Disorder: Moderate Antisocial Disorder: High Borderline Disorder: Very High Histrionic Disorder: Moderate Narcissistic Disorder: Very High Avoidant Disorder: Low Dep ... Read on »
Personality Disorder Information by Alexandra Cohen Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:01pm Disorder Rating Paranoid Disorder : Very High Schizoid Disorder : Moderate Schizotypal Disorder : Moderate Antisocial Disorder : High Borderline Disorder : Very High Histrionic Disorder : Moderate Narcissistic Disorder : Very High Avoidant Disorder ... Read on »
at that time my father healthy body fake ray ban by fdhfhhgf Posted Wed 24 Apr 2013 10:31am my home downstairs is the market eccentric personality and spirit, well-read son of a classmate righteous run from her to him: "your home" broke the teacher's computer." Her heart thumped, always with very little material diligent and kind, I didn't check the government of the people, at that time my father healthy body fake ray ban after she ... Read on »
Self-diagnosis by Danielle Tate Posted Tue 13 Oct 2009 10:04pm Well, here's my thoughts about self diagnosis... If you self-diagnose with autism, there are four basic possibilities. One, you self-diagnose and you actually have autism. Result: You get to know more about yourself, maybe solve some problems that weren't getting solved because you didn't know how to define them. Net benefit. Two, yo ... Read on »
Signs & Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome by Be Well Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 4:41pm Here is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of Asperger Syndrome: Being "in their own world" Cheerless demeanor Clumsiness Deviant nonverbal communication Deviant verbal communication Eccentric personality Excellent rote memory Failure to develop friends Idiosyncratic attachment to inanimate objects Impair ... Read on »
Aquarius by Pam Tremble Patient Expert Posted Thu 21 May 2009 11:17pm I got one of those forwarded emails today ... you know the ones -- "forward this to 12 people and you'll be a millionaire within 3 hours."  But actually, this one was pretty interesting.   LOL!  Here's a description of my personality based on my Zodiac sign.  It's frighteningly accurate. AQUARIUS   The Sweetheart  (Jan 20 - Feb 18)  ... Read on »