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The Causes of Severe Neck Pain Resulting from a Cervical Radiculopathy by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Mon 17 Nov 2008 10:27am Depending on the cervical nerve root that is affected in a radiculopathy, a patient will notice neck pain that radiates into a certain area, weakness in certain muscles, or other neurological deficits. What causes irritation or compression to the cervical nerve roots in the first place? Well there are three causes that I am going to discuss to ... Read on »
Understanding Elbow Pain - Part 1: Functional Anatomy by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 09 May 2010 5:29pm Today’s piece kicks off a multi-part series focusing specifically on the elbow.  I’m going to start off this collection by talking about the anatomy of the elbow joint, but in appreciation of the fact that a lot of you are probably not as geeky as I am, I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version first: The elbow is the most “claustrophobic” jo ... Read on »
Question from a reader: MCL Tear and What To Do? by Doug K. Patient Expert Posted Tue 24 Mar 2009 3:15pm 1 Comment This takes less than 8 minutes to read. If you have an MCL injury, you'll find it very worthwhile. I recently received an email from a reader, Nancy, (the email is below my answer with personal information removed) who was struggling with a few things after tearing her Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) in her knee. I boiled them down to these: ... Read on »
Understanding Elbow Pain - Part 2: Pathology by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 12 May 2010 5:16am In case you missed Part 1 of this series (Functional Anatomy), you can check it out HERE . Elbow issues can be really tricky at times from a diagnostic standpoint. Someone with medial elbow pain could have pronator and/or flexor (a.k.a. Golfer’s Elbow) soft tissue issues, ulnar nerve irritation or hypermobility, ulnar collateral ligam ... Read on »
Our Pain And Transparency Can Be a Gift to Others by Lisa C. Posted Fri 11 Feb 2011 1:15pm Last year I wrote the message below in a newsletter article. I am going through some of my files from last season and as I read through the comments many of you made, my heart swelled with appreciation and joy.Together, you each encourage me so much, but you also encourage each other and so I wanted to share your comments here so others c ... Read on »
The Influence of the Hip and Foot on Patellofemoral Pain by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Mon 29 Jun 2009 4:59pm The influence of the kinetic chain on the patellofemoral can not be underestimated.  Because the knee is located mid-way through a weightbearing extremity, it is vulnerable to excessive force from biomechanical faults located both proximally and distally to the knee itself. While forces from the foot and ankle have been associated with patell ... Read on »
My struggles with back pain and sciatica. by jasmine a. Patient Expert Posted Sat 24 Feb 2007 12:00am I would like to share my back pain story with you and if you find it useful that will make me happy.I am always impressed with people who knowledgeably negotiate their way through back pain and if that's you I hope you laugh with me at how naïve I was when i was trying to work my way through the back pain maze. I did not try everything and I am ... Read on »
Pain Shmain by Shauna M. Patient Expert Posted Thu 19 Feb 2009 6:21pm I saw a copy of this sculpture (original by Rodin)a few years ago at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and was almost in tears at the pain and anguish they expressed. Prepare for a maze of thought. There is no cheese at the end. Last week as part of Valentine's Day, my boss got a barbershop quartet to barge into the morning show and seren ... Read on »
Sowing Seeds and Harvesting Sheaves for God through Our Pain by Lisa C. Posted Wed 21 Nov 2012 10:00am “He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him” (Psalm 126:6). Sowing, reaping, and harvesting are all words that may be associated with the Thanksgiving season. We may not farm for a living, but even if we aren’t planting literal seeds in the earth, as believers we are ca ... Read on »
Baking & Pastry Project #7 - Pain de Mie by Sheltie Girl Patient Expert Posted Thu 30 Apr 2009 10:12pm Adzuki & Job's Tears Pain de Mie This week I'm starting off the Baking & Pastry project with the recipe for Pain de Mie (page 134) from the Culinary Institute of America's Baking & Pastry book. This dough can be used to make oblong loaves (pg 184 & 222) or into cylinder loaves using a pain de mie pan. Until starting the Baking & Pastry ... Read on »