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Mycoplasma...The Stealth Pathogen We All Have by Connie S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 10:09pm Most of us Lyme disease sufferers don't think much about mycoplasma. It's one of those odd infections, like Epstein-Barr or Herpes, that we think everyone carries and which we shouldn't worry about, because chances are, Lyme, babs and borrelia are a bigger deal and besides, if we treat the latter, shouldn't our immune system "mop up" these incide ... Read on »
Regressive Autism---A New Hypothesis to End an Enigma? by Kim S. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Jan 2014 12:00am By Bill Welsh. It is difficult to imagine a worse scenario than the one experienced by the many parents I have met. To witness a perfect child gradually lose all his or her skills, regress, and develop distressing behavioural difficulties, often including self injury, should never be visited on any family, but the sad real ... Read on »
THE YEAR OF BARF by trust358 Posted Thu 11 Apr 2013 9:41pm here is a not so brief review of my one year long, ongoing barfing saga... on march 14,2012, i started vomiting daily. meals would come up wholly undigested 4 hours after eating them. the condition was diagnosed as gastroparesis (partial paralysis of stomach). no one on my medical team jumped the gun and immediately assigned lyme a ... Read on »
Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma and Cervical Cultures by John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor Posted Fri 25 Sep 2009 3:34pm As part of the routine fertility evaluation we usually obtain cervical cultures including a test for mycoplasma and ureaplasma. These are bacteria that have essentially no symptoms but may decrease fertility and may also influence the chance of pregnancy loss and even preterm labor and delivery. However, the data is not particularly good and th ... Read on »
Treatment Blurbs From ILADS by Connie S. Patient Expert Posted Fri 27 Nov 2009 10:00pm Here, in my laziest blog post ever, I will be sprinkling about little bits n' pieces of information on Lyme disease treatments, which I received from the experts at the latest ILADS conference. These are random blurbs that you may find helpful for treating your Lyme disease, or one of the million infections and/or other conditions that accompany i ... Read on »
Raising awareness of Lyme disease by Geoff Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Thu 18 Sep 2008 11:24am 3 Comments Today's featured contributor is Dr. Virginia Sherr, who maintains the site The Human Side of Lyme. Dr. Sherr is a psychiatrist who has experienced Lyme disease first hand over many years, and shares valuable information and resources to get the word out about this ongoing problem. She is particularly concerned about the incidence of undiagno ... Read on »
TAKE THE GOOD, LEAVE THE BAD by trust358 Posted Fri 22 Jan 2010 4:28pm so we had a visit from the big top dog infectious disease doctor this afternoon. i knew the minute dr big cheese walked in that things would go as we expected and not how we had hoped. most reading this will know the drill so i'm not going to waste my time and energy on going into detail about what he all had to say (or not say) about lyme. ... Read on »
"Bell's Palsy of the Gut" and Other GI Manifestations of Lyme and Associated Diseases by Dr. Virginia S. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 10:52am PRACTICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY April 2006 by Virginia T. Sherr, MD Bell's palsy signifies paralysis of facial muscles related to inflammation of the associated seventh Cranial Nerve. Physicians may not realize that this syndrome is caused by the spirochetal agent of Lyme disease until proven otherwise. Whether it is a full or hemi ... Read on »
LeRoy, PANDAS, Autism and EL - Will the real "Mystery Illness" Please Stand Up?- Part 2 by Kim S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 01 Mar 2012 12:00am By Theresa Conrick Read LeRoy, PANDAS, Autism and EL - Will the real "Mystery Illness" Please Stand Up?- Part 1  So it is possible that medical mysteries may have some common features.  A few years ago, The Today Show had a beautiful young girl on who had become famous for an odd and scary reason.  She was sneezing thousan ... Read on »
DR SUPER SMARTY PANTS by trust358 Posted Thu 21 Jan 2010 11:08pm it's been another long day. parker has been kept in hospital again graham is staying with him and i have come home because i have to run my IV MEDS! yes, in the midst of all the craziness, i have had to re-start IV treatment. parker will be seen by a neurology doctor tomorrow morning at 9:30am and then sometime between 8am and 12pm h ... Read on »