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Repeated Swollen Glands in my Armpits by bluestar9 Posted Tue 29 Sep 2009 7:34pm I've repeatedly had swollen glands in both armpits on and off over the past few years. I just got another one and it is the most painful one I've had yet (it hurts to let my are fall all the way down against my side). I have also been very tired lately and not feeling good in general--coughing, feverish on and off, soar throat, fatigue, and stresse ... Read on »
Redroot: Blood Medicine by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Tue 12 Apr 2011 9:39pm by Kiva Rose Redroot (Ceanothus greggii) inflorescence Botanical Name: Ceanothus spp. Botanical Family: Rhamnaceae (Buckthorn) Common Names: Redroot, Redshank, Buckbrush, Mountain Lilac, Desert Buckthorn, New Jersey Tea Taste & Impression: Sweet, Aromatic (some species), Astringent Energetics: Neutral-Warm, Dry ... Read on »
Balancing Your Chakras by Andrea C. Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 3:33pm 1 Comment What is Chakras? This is said to be our energy center. They are the openings for life energy to flow in and out of our aura. This energy is associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions. Seven Areas of Charkas 1.) The Root Color - red Physical Location - base of the spine ... Read on »
The 9 Serious STDS by XLPharmacy Posted Fri 20 Feb 2009 7:53am The latest estimate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that there are approximately 19 million new STD infections each year, with almost half of those occurring in teens and young adults ages 15 to 24. Almost half of women have a sexual problem of some sort, according to a report today from HealthDay. Since sexually tran ... Read on »
Chlamydia that goes undetected causes infertility by winter1101 Posted Mon 12 Aug 2013 5:34pm There a wide range of dangerous diseases we are now facing as of late. Clindamycin for chlamydia. Usually it happens to be from One to three week after the sexual interaction considering the infected person. The symptoms that face men are extremely different as compare females. The remedy following quality is required by your doctors generall ... Read on »
Probably the most dangerous diseases that have caused great problems for the doctors and patients is Chlamydia by winter1101 Posted Wed 24 Jul 2013 4:43pm There are numerous dangerous diseases we're also facing these days. Does Adenomyosis Affect Fertility? In accordance with a study who has made us aware one can find as many as 90 % from the woman who happen to be infected with that disease. The symptoms about this disease tend to be clear and prominent in woman when compared to the men. That fac ... Read on »
Lyme Disease: City Slickers & Nature Lovers Alike Are Urged to Learn About this Fast-Spreading, Infectious Disease -- Author by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:32pm I just wrote and am posting the following press release. Feel free to pass it to your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Lyme Disease: City Slickers & Nature Lovers Alike Are Urged to Learn About this Fast-Spreading, Infectious Disease Author Rebecca Wells (“Ya-Ya” novels), Science Journalist Pamela Weintraub & Renowned Experts Tell You ... Read on »
Past Updates from Friends of Theresa by Theresa Facebook Posted Thu 06 Jan 2011 9:25am 01/05/11 The latest from Theresa... In this household, asking for a simple "picture of all the girls" can take on a life of itself! In order from left to right stands Sara, Emma, Anna, Amanda and Aleela. Having them all under one roof for the holidays was without a doubt, the best gift of the year! Yet mixed with memor ... Read on »
Understanding Genital Warts and Herpes by Health&Fitness GuideforDummies Posted Fri 24 Apr 2009 7:22am One out of four Americans between the ages of 15 and 55 will contract at least one sexually transmitted disease. The more you know, the more you can prevent this from happening to you. Below, two incurable diseases are discussed. Genital warts Nearly two million people in the United States are infected every year with genital warts, which a ... Read on »
Lymph massage by Marie L. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 9:10pm Your lymph system is basically one of your body's most important detox systems. Lymph is a fluid that collects toxins and helps your body expel them. Sometimes lymph gets over saturated with toxiny gloop (don't you love how I just fling those scientific terms around?) and becomes thick and sludgy, then you end up with swollen glands, or, on th ... Read on »