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Swim, swim, swim! by Kathy .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 22 Jul 2008 8:21pm Today I got up and went to the gym to begin my new swim routine. I picked up a great new bathing suit at TJ Maxx the other day. A Nike for just $20! It worked perfectly. I did half an hour. I forgot how much I love to swim, and can you believe it is a great calorie burner? Not only that but after the brutality of running on my ankles, legs ... Read on »
Calories burned during exercise by Theresa Posted Fri 19 Jun 2009 5:41pm I had a look on the Internet ye sterday and found this fantastic web site that gives calories burned for a very wide range of exercise and activities: I looked up swimming and found that there are several categories. The numbers give calories burned per hour for a person weighing 190 lbs (I weigh 21 ... Read on »
Swimming♡ "Get Your Body Wet" by islandgurl Posted Tue 08 May 2012 6:58pm When’s the last time you hopped in the pool for a good workout? The sparkling blue water in that pool is good for much more than relaxing and cooling off. Swimming isn’t just child’s play. Taking a dive into the lap lane is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that can trim pounds and help you maintain a healthy weight. You can burn ... Read on »
Swimming To Get Fit: A Personal Training Tip From Equinox Fitness in Downtown San Francisco by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Fri 22 Jan 2010 12:00am   by fitness trainer Yu Hannah Watanabe   Many gym members peek into the pool and shyly walk away. Some don’t engage in swimming due to physical insecurities. Others have technical issues with their stroke, making swimming an inefficient exercise at best, and risking injury at worst. Regardless of a perso ... Read on »
You Probably Shouldn't Eat 12,000 Calories A Day! by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 23 Aug 2008 3:02pm I'm sure you have heard about all-everything United States swimmer Michael Phelps' legendary diet. According to an article published by FOX News, Phelps consumes 12,000 calories a day when he is training! I'm not going to argue with a guy who just won 8 gold medals in this Olympics. If you burn alot of calories, you can eat alot of calories! ... Read on »
Fitness Friday! Swimming! by strawberryshortstuff Posted Fri 14 Aug 2009 6:43pm Hey Everyone! Happy Fitness Friday! We are finally starting to see summer weather around here! So last night the bf and I headed out to the pool! What a refreshing workout! It hardly feels like exercise -it’s just too much fun! Thanks Google Images for this picture. Note:  I’m not hardcore like this girl! Read wha ... Read on »
Are You Making A Splash At The Pool Swimming Or Diving? by Adria A. Posted Thu 18 Apr 2013 12:00am Or neither? Last night I was fortunate or unfortunate enough, not quite sure which one yet, to catch ABC’s Splash. It was what I thought it was, celebrities thinking they were saving the world by doing a mediocre dive in an olympic size pool. Truth talk. The part of Splash th ... Read on »
Swimming as Exercise by Bill .. Posted Thu 24 Feb 2011 2:54pm swimming as exercise Swimming as exercise is an excellent way to get fit. Just swimming in the pool is great for all round fitness training. Kids love it, so encouraging an overweight child to swim can be great for their health. It is also good for pregnant women and the obese, because the water supports the excess weight. ... Read on »
Swimming Take One by Jenna .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 22 Mar 2009 3:37pm Wow. All I can say right now is SWIMMING IS NOT FOR WIMPS. Ryan gave me my first “swim practice” this afternoon and, man, was it ever hard! I really thought I would have had a little more endurance than what I had since I run so often, but I guess swimming utilizes different muscles and is a whole different ball game. We swam laps for about 45 ... Read on »
Benefits of Swimming for Weight Loss by Tom H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 23 Jun 2010 9:41am Losing weight requires you to burn more calories than you consume. The American College of Sports Medicine advises performing at least an hour of moderate-intensity exercise five times per week to encourage weight loss. U.S. Masters Swimming notes that swimming is a fun, healthy and challenging form of exercise appropriate for all fitness and ... Read on »