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Surfing Tips - Gear by WaveCatchers .. Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 1:33pm Shortboard. A shortboard is a narrow, short board that is less stable than a longboard, but easier to maneuver for more advanced surfers. Strong zipper. When buying a wetsuit, make sure it has a sturdy, metal zipper, not a cheap, plastic one. Surf wax. Surf wax goes on the deck of your board to make sure you don't slip off. Create small b ... Read on »
Surf Devices Must-Haves by strachey Posted Fri 01 Feb 2013 8:32am Surf Gear Must-Haves Apart from the suitable kind of surf board, there are several other 49ers jerseys cheap surf gear that a surfer needs to be able to ride smooth on any type of wave. Here is a comprehensive list of essential surfing equipment that a surfer - starter or skilled - would like to add to his / her collection Surfboard ... Read on »
The Wizard of Aus by SWoBs Posted Wed 21 Sep 2011 6:05pm Tom Wegener Surfboards Factory Tom Wegener has lots of energy. He lights up like a grommet when he starts talking about surfing, skating, gardening, or sustainability. This is good, because it takes this amount of energy to pretty much single handedly bring back finless surfing. The evolution of a species. The ... Read on »
Sporting-Sails by outdoorhikinga Posted Thu 06 Dec 2012 3:14am When hes not in the office developing Patagonia wetsuits and surf gear, youll find Billy Smith and his crew carving the hills around Ventura and Santa north face denali jackets Barbara on their skateboards. In fact, theyre pretty hard to miss. Billy and his brother Nick are the creators of the Sporting-Sail, a parachute-style speed break that ... Read on »
FitLinks: Week of March 2, 2009 by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert Posted Sun 08 Mar 2009 3:38pm Haven’t gotten enough reading in this week? Drop by these sites for some Sunday web surfing! Gear up for St. Patrick’s Day with some green FBG gear! —Fit Bottomed Girls (who else?) When comparing diets, calories count most. And don't forget a side of support. —CNN Looking for an excuse for a massage? We’ll give you several! —Wellsprin ... Read on »
Bodily Functions & Fitness 101: Blood, Tears, Vomit, Saliva & Poop by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Sun 31 May 2009 10:51pm Pee. Sweat. All kinds of gaseous emissions. We've covered a lot of embarrassing stuff on here the past week. We giggled, we shared our worst moments and I unwittingly earned the privilege of having everyone in Turbokick ask me if I've had any soy that day before they'll stand next to me - every single class (answer: no, I learned my lesson thank ... Read on »
When, Why And Why Not To Use A Self-Storage Unit by Kim Wolinski, MSW "Dr. DeClutter" Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 11 Oct 2013 8:00am During our recent, devastating and historic floods in northern Colorado, over 20,000 homes were destroyed or damaged. Not included in this number were self-storage units, lined up like horse-race gates waiting for nervous horses to jump out and race down the track. Unfortunately, thousands of dollars of short and long-kept items and memo ... Read on »
Period Cramping Your Workout? You Need This. [How to make sure any blood you leave on the mats is only from your torn hangnail] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Tue 20 Nov 2012 12:15am Boys, consider yourself warned: You’re just going to want to skip this post. Benjamin Franklin forgot something when he said that “nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” Namely, menstrual cycles. Being that he’s a man, I suppose I’ll have to forgive him for not knowing what millenia of women do: That every mo ... Read on »
Tips from the Pros: Top 4 Surfing Exercises by Sierra Club .. Patient Expert Posted Thu 13 Jun 2013 3:45pm Stay in shape with training tips from the experts. Earlier this week, we covered paddling , climbing , and hiking . Today, we'll show you how to rule the waves . Four Exercises for Surfers Brian Keaulana knows a thing or two about big-time surfing on big-time stages. Son of legendary Hawaiian surfer "Buffalo" Keaulana, Brian is c ... Read on »
D6 Surf Skimmer Review by Tara Robertson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Fri 12 Jul 2013 12:40pm At the campsite getting ready to go to the beach We took the on our first camping trip of the year. We went camping at a provincial park in Northwestern Ontario for the weekend. We really didn’t know much about the Surf Skimmer other then seeing it packed in our gear. Headed to the beach!  The ki ... Read on »