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Foot Stress Fracture Forces Tom DeLay to Quit Dancing with the Stars by Dr. Andrew Schneider Posted Tue 06 Oct 2009 10:03pm As I mentioned in a previous post, Tom DeLay was injured with what was considered a “pre” stress fracture of both feet…a term that really doesn’t exist. Well friends, it became a true stress fracture in his feet and he is forced to quit the competition. Stress fractures are common injuries and often found in athletes, including dancers. ... Read on »
Runner Therapy: Foot Pain, Stress Fracture or Tendonitis? by irunnerblog Posted Fri 14 Oct 2011 9:55am Question via Twitter: What advice do you have for top of foot pain? Podiatrist says either stress fracture (not present on x-ray, yet) or tendonitis. Runner Therapy Says: There are many things that may cause pain on the top of the foot. In general, we have to decide between soft tissue and bone injury. More often than not, we use a pat ... Read on »
Another Foot Fracture For Yao Ming by Dr. Andrew Schneider Posted Mon 11 May 2009 9:00am Another foot injury plagues the Houston Rockets. In Friday night's playoff game against the Lakers, center Yao Ming suffered what was believed to be an ankle sprain. The next day, it was announced that the injury was, in fact, a hairline fracture. Although not displaced and requiring no surgery, the injury will require a full 8 to 12 weeks o ... Read on »
Stress Fractures: Prevention & Treatments by Northcoast Footcare Facebook Posted Thu 28 Jan 2010 10:08pm A stress fracture is an incomplete break or crack in the bone due to repetitive stress. Stress fractures in the foot are most commonly caused by overuse. Running on a hard surface, increasing speed, duration and intensity of training abruptly and over-training are all common causes in athletes. Running in poor quality shoes can a ... Read on »
Preventing Foot and Ankle Pain From Winter Court Sports by Dr. Marybeth Crane Facebook Posted Sat 29 Nov 2008 12:00am No wonder our feet and ankles hurt! With the pounding and movements that feet, ankles and the Achilles and other tendons around the ankle endure, court sports such as basketball, racquetball and tennis present unique problems for athletes, whether they’re professionals or weekend warriors. But preparation and common sense go a long way toward ... Read on »
I Don’t Always Get Stress Fractures… by Jess Posted Mon 05 Aug 2013 9:02am Friday afternoon, I got the results of my MRI, and turns out the MRI gave the doctors an idea of what might be wrong, but the results weren’t completely conclusive, so they need to send me for a CT scan to confirm the findings. And what are the findings you might ask? Oh…well you know….just three to five stress fractures in my foot. ... Read on »
Back Pain Caused By Your Feet by DrGibson Posted Sat 28 Aug 2010 6:00am Quite commonly I walk between soccer games, through a store or even a church and see people walking lilke they are in pain.  I constantly see patients with knee pain, hip pain, back pain and even neck pain that can be traced to their feet.   For this reason I recommend people be evaluated on a regular basis to evaluate how they are walking, and ... Read on »
Keep Your Groove On: Stay Fit During Recovery After an Injury by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 01 Oct 2010 11:45pm Notes from Wendy        Before I can go too much into my recovery plan, I should probably explain what I did to my foot. As I said in my last post, I over did it by adding hills to every run. Of course, at first I thought whatever had popped in my foot would heal on its own so I just rested for a few days and tried a short run once it no lon ... Read on »
Reality check, podiatry-style by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 30 Mar 2009 3:07pm This winter has not been easy on me- I have been hanging in there by the skin of my teeth. Around November or so, the amount of exercise I was doing began to creep up...and up and up. Yet it took until the middle of this month for me to realize that things were really out of control. My weight had dropped some, nothing catastrophic, but also not ... Read on »
Foot Fracture an Early Sign of Osteoporosis? by Northcoast Footcare Facebook Posted Thu 14 Oct 2010 7:13am Amplify’d from Unexplained foot fractures may be the first sign of osteoporosis, a bone thinning disease which affects over 28 million Americans and accounts for 1.5 million bone fractures a year. Osteoporosis is frequently referred to as the “silent crippler” ... Read on »