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CDC Advisory Panel Recommends Use of Newly Approved Pneumococcal Vaccine by Poh Tin Tan Posted Sun 28 Feb 2010 12:00am From Medscape Medical News Kathleen Louden February 25, 2010 — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted yesterday to recommend the use of a 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13), which provides broader protection for young children against pneumococcal diseases ... Read on »
Pneumonia and Shingles Vaccines for Elders by Ronni B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 09 Sep 2013 8:30am Because it's the time of year again for the annual flu shots, last week we had a discussion about it. Several people brought up the shingles and pneumonia vaccines and I think it's a good idea to be sure we have the correct information. PNEUMONIA VACCINE FOR ADULTS The pneumococcal vaccine prevents blood, brain and lung diseases (pneumon ... Read on »
Could me making a comeback with ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 4:20pm Could me making a comeback with the fight against MRSA...BD Research led by the University of Warwick has uncovered exactly how the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae has become resistant to the antibiotic penicillin. The same research could also open up MRSA to attack by penicillin and help create a library of designer antibiotics to use ... Read on »
World Pneumonia Day is November 12 by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Fri 11 Nov 2011 10:02pm Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that is usually caused by bacteria or viruses. Globally, pneumonia causes more deaths than any other infectious disease. However, it can often be prevented with vaccines and can usually be treated with antibiotics or antiviral drugs. Every 20 seconds, somewhere in the world, a ... Read on »
Brittany Murphy's Death - Learnings About Consumer Driven Healthcare and Pneumonia by Davis Liu Medical Doctor Posted Mon 24 May 2010 9:30am 1 Comment Actress Brittany Murphy, age 32, died unexpectedly in December 2009 as a result of pneumonia. An autopsy report noted elevated levels of medications, like Vicoprofen, which contains the narcotic hydrocodone and other medications, the anti-histamine chlorpheniramine and L-methamphetamine which is found in decongestants. The hydrocodone in Vi ... Read on »
Let’s go back to 1983! by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Wed 22 Apr 2009 11:44pm One of the recurring themes in the vaccines-cause-autism discussion is the concept that if we were to go back to the vaccine schedule of 1983, the autism rate would drop to 1 in 10,000. This, of course, is pushed hard by Generation Rescue and Jenny McCarthy. GR even took out ads in USA Today to promote this idea. Before taking a look at th ... Read on »
Inoculation Schedule For Your Child.. by Dr. Virashri R. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sat 20 Feb 2010 10:11am Immunisation is the best way to ensure that your child is safe from diseases - it is a way to protect your child from serious illnesses. Immunisation can be done through vaccines either in form of injections or administered orally. Here is what you need to know about the inoculation schedule for your child. 1. Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Vaccine ... Read on »
Aging, obsolete cells prime the lungs for pneumonia by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Tue 31 May 2011 10:08pm HSC News Community-acquired pneumonia is the leading cause of infectious death among the elderly. Newly published research from The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio suggests why older people are vulnerable and offers a possible defense. The researchers found that when it comes to aging and pneum ... Read on »
Health Headlines - October 28 by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Tue 28 Oct 2008 1:45am Heart Disease, Infections, Cancer Top Global Killers: WHO Report Heart problems, infectious diseases and cancer are still the top three causes of death worldwide, says a World Health Organization report on the global burden of disease released Monday. Heart attacks and related problems cause 29 percent of deaths each year, infectious diseases ... Read on »
Pneumonia by Healthy Solutions Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 Aug 2010 6:47am BBC News , Health Dr Trisha Macnair Pneumonia means inflammation of the lungs and is usually caused by an infection. It’s a very common condition, especially among the elderly and those with serious underlying illnesses. What is pneumonia? Pneumonia causes inflammation of one or both lungs in the chest, usually due to infection ... Read on »