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Medicare Costs Rise as Knee Replacements Increase for Seniors by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert Posted Mon 18 Feb 2013 12:00am A portion of the financial challenge facing Medicare is the soaring cost of healthcare delivery in general. Another specific factor is the increasing cost of care for older patients who are covered by the program. One good example of this is knee arthroplasty for seniors on Medicare. This idea was detailed in a recent article (see: M ... Read on »
Aiden's story by Stephanie B. Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 6:30pm The middle of February 2006. I was late. I'm NEVER late!!! I called my best friend, Jason, and told him first. His reaction, "What are you going to do?" Uhhhhhhh...... I was very stressed at the time and wanted to blame it on stress. That weekend, Jason and I went out dancing at our favourite night club. As usual, I bought a Corona righ ... Read on »
Medicaid Block Grant Would Shift Financial Risks and Costs to States — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities by Larry Drain Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 08 Apr 2011 9:16pm   This is not normally the subject of this blog.  This is scary stuff.  The system for the old, the sick, the disabled, and the poor already is marginal and shrinking.  The results of a shift like this would be catastrophic.  Please read and think about the consequences for your state and the people you care about.     Medicaid ... Read on »
25 jan 2010--A common complicati ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 24 Jan 2010 5:16pm 25 jan 2010--A common complication following surgery in elderly patients is postoperative delirium, a state of confusion that can lead to long-term health problems and cause some elderly patients to complain that they "never felt the same" again after an operation. But a new study by Johns Hopkins researchers suggests that simply limiting the d ... Read on »
Right Bundle Branch Block with Subtle ST Elevation: LAD 95% occluded by Stephen Smith Posted Thu 28 Jan 2010 12:49pm An 81 yo woman presented at 2 AM to the ED with severe substernal chest pressure. This ECG was recorded There is sinus rhythm with a PVC, and Right Bundle Branch Block (RBBB). Normally there is no ST elevation with RBBB. In fact, normally, there are inverted T waves (discordant to a positive QRS due to the large R' wave, of the rSR') and fro ... Read on »
What kind of AV block is this?? And where is the coronary occlusion?? by Stephen Smith Posted Tue 31 May 2011 1:16pm A 76 year old male presented with chest pain.  Here is the initial ECG ST segments: There is obvious inferior STEMI, with ST elevation (and Q-waves and T-wave inversion) in II, III, aVF and reciprocal depression in I and aVL.  Where else is there ST elevation?  Where is the occlusion.   Rhythm: slow and regular.  p-waves are not cond ... Read on »
New Left Bundle Branch Block is a poor indicator of coronary occlusion by Stephen Smith Posted Mon 08 Mar 2010 11:19am Case 1: A 55 yo male with a history of hypertension but no MI or CHF presented with 5 days of progressive dyspnea without chest pain. Here is his ECG There is sinus tachycardia with left bundle branch block (LBBB). A previous ECG from one year prior was normal without LBBB. According to the ACC and AHA, new LBBB in the presence of is ... Read on »
Left Bundle Branch Block and Left Anterior Descending Artery occlusion: Serial ECGs then T-wave inversion after reperfusion by Stephen Smith Posted Sun 31 Jul 2011 6:15pm A 50 yo male presented with chest pain.  This ECG was recorded at 0415. There is sinus tachycardia.  There is left bundle branch block (LBBB).  All ST-T complexes are discordant.  However, the ST-T in V1-V4 is excessively discordant: with 6 mm ST elevation, V3 meets criterion 3 of Sgarbossa's criteria (giving 2 points, not enough f ... Read on »
What is Spinal Decompression? by Dr. Shoshany Facebook Posted Mon 16 Jul 2007 12:00am If anyone want a color copy including pictures, graphs and tables please contact me at or call (212) 645-8151 I will send you a full color fully researched documented written by an expert in the field. If you are a Chiropractor looking for the perfect tool to describe ... Read on »
DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression NYC by Dr. Shoshany Facebook Posted Thu 22 May 2008 12:00am What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy? Steven Shoshany DC  Proven Non - Surgical Treatment for Back Pain Spinal Decompression Therapy (also known simply as Spinal Decompression or SD), is a non-surgical therapy proven to treat back pain and sciatica caused by bulging, herniated, and degenerative discs or facet syndrome. Even post-surg ... Read on »