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Lunchtime Turkey, Spinach and Mozzarella Pita by LeePinkOC Posted Tue 19 Apr 2011 9:16am For lunch I was in the mood for a good ole turkey sandwich, but the deli up the street always makes my sandwiches with way too much meat and is usually too salty.  So, I decided to make my own with fresh ingredients!  I got these great whole wheat pitas from Gristedes, and they are perfect little sandwich holsters. ... Read on »
Baked Spinach, Artichoke, and Mozzarella Dip by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Sun 23 Feb 2014 8:27pm I could make a meal out of dip. And baked spinach and artichoke dip is my absolute favorite dip. The old expression about liking a little bit of coffee with my cream rings true with this dip. I like a few bites of chips or crackers with the dip but really, they’re not necessary. Just give me a spoon. I pile the dip on so thick ... Read on »
4 Degrees & Spinach, Tomato & Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken… by WithASideOfHope Posted Mon 24 Jan 2011 12:00am Good Morning Everyone!  I can’t believe it’s Monday already!  This weekend went by way too quickly.  The entire weekend it has been unbearably cold out.  This morning when I got into my car it said it was 4 degrees!!!  4 degrees!  What the hell?!  That is entirely too cold for my liking.  As I started [...] Read on »
Making it simple: Spinach pasta, summer squash and mozzarella – Yum! by Elizabeth S. Posted Tue 24 May 2011 5:36am I have been asked to write out my recipes for the website, so expect them at least bi-weekly. (Applause please).  I may get some flack for the first recipe I have chosen to include as many of diabetes 24-7 readers do not like carbohydrates, but I do and I have found healthy ways of incorporating [...] Read on »
Product Review: Glutino Gluten Free Spinach and Feta Pizza by Karen .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 11 Jul 2008 7:10pm When visiting my parents, I picked up this 6.2 ounce frozenGlutinogluten free pizza to make as hot and quick lunch. Since I love feta, I was excited. However, I am not a fan of cooked spinach, so I was interested to see how this Glutino gluten free pizza would turn out. I popped this pizza into the oven for 16 minutes, and let it cool for ... Read on »
Superb Spinach and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken! by Nicole Culver Posted Wed 27 Jan 2010 12:00am I love Tuesdays. Danny and I get up to go to the gym bright nice and early and by 6:45 I am done with my workout for the day. I hate getting up, but I am so glad when it's over and I know I have the afternoon to do whatever I want. I wasn't feeling so great yesterday, so I was pretty excited to get out of work at 3:17 and just race h ... Read on »
spinach lasagna rolls by Samantha W. Posted Mon 11 Oct 2010 12:00am This is a fabulous, easy, vegetarian recipe for you to try!  The spinach and pasta makes it quite filling, even without any meat.  Lasagna can be such a chore to make, so these have become a wonderful and quick alternative for me.  We actually made them for our small group and fed 20ish hungry people for hardly any money at all!  ... Read on »
Blogger Week #2- Post 3- Spinach and Zucchini Lasagna by Erica S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 01 Dec 2008 10:04am Welcome to Post #3 of blogger week#2! The minute I saw this spinach and zucchini lasagna from The Kitchen Sink, I knew I had to try it! Kristin’s recipes all look so wholesome. Her photographs are also very beautiful (much better than mine haha ). I made a few minor changes to the recipe so please see her incredible original recipe for more detail/ ... Read on »
Whole Wheat Macaroni with Spinach and Mozarella by Astra Libris .. Patient Expert Posted Mon 13 Jul 2009 11:30pm I adore whole wheat elbow macaroni. It seems like such happy food, and it makes me feel like a kid again - even though I didn't actually have elbow macaroni as a child, because my mother didn't like it for some reason, but I always imagined it was the sort of food children would love. I think my hypothesis about kids and elbow macaroni is ... Read on »
Healthified Spinach and Artichoke Dip by Jessica H. Posted Tue 22 Feb 2011 12:00am Who doesn’t love some ooey, gooey Spinach and Artichoke dip? This bar-fare fav sure satisfies a beer induced palette but what are the stats? The average nutritional facts for one order of dip served with chips is about 1,500 calories, 35 grams of fat, 123 grams of carbohydrates, and 2,300 mg of sodium. OUCH! Well, because of its popularity ... Read on »