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The Fight for Supported Inclusion for Children with Special Education Needs ..... by Valerie O. Posted Tue 20 May 2014 3:00pm Successive Governments have encouraged the inclusion of Special Needs Children, where possible, in mainstream schools for many years now. Thankfully, as a result, more and more children are taking this inclusive route every year. And it can be very successful too, enriching the lives of ALL the children in the school, as this video from We Car ... Read on »
Does RtI reduce numbers of children in special education? by JohnL Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 25 Feb 2010 8:21am In an article slated to appear in Remedial and Special Education, Jeanne Wanzek and Sharon Vaughn reported that widely popular three-tiered approach to addressing did not significantly reduce the number and percentage of students identified for special education across seven elementary schools. Their study, which is limited to the respons ... Read on »
A Child is Waiting: 1963 Cassavetes Film about Educating Children with Special Needs by GFCF Mommy Patient Expert Posted Thu 19 Jul 2012 12:00am Burt Lancaster plays the director of the Crawthorne State Mental Hospital, a residential facility for children and young adults with special needs.  Lancaster’s character, Dr. Clark, has strict and rigid views about how the children should be taught, yet, he also fights valiantly against the state system’s representatives who want ... Read on »
Press coverage of special education costs during a budget crisis by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Thu 20 Jan 2011 12:00am Let’s list a few obvious facts: California is in the midst of a budget crisis. Governor Brown just took office and is faced with a massive deficit. Much of the state’s budget is educational. Some of that budget is special education. There needs to be a real discussion of how to provide an appropriate education for special needs kids i ... Read on »
Referring Your Child for Special Education Testing by Shane H. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 12:07am When my son started kindergarten I realized how far behind he was academically. His peers could all recite the alphabet and count way past ten. My son could not. He has problems associating the sounds of letters with the actual letters. His handwriting was illegible. I thought something wasn't right but his teachers enc ... Read on »
Ask the Horizons Team: Understand Your Child’s Special Education Evaluation by Nicole Beurkens Posted Fri 17 Aug 2012 11:05am Ask the Horizons Team: Understand Your Child’s Special Education Evaluation August 17, 2012 By Nicole Beurkens, PhD Question: My son has been eligible for special education as a student with autism for 3 years (since he was 6), and was eligible with an early childhood developmental delay prior to that.  He is n ... Read on »
Assessment in Special Education by Chris Whalen Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 09 Apr 2009 7:16pm It is sometimes difficult to make sense of all of the data that is collected on a child in a special education program.  The first issue is consistency and standardization.  There is no excepted assessment protocol that is used in ALL schools for ALL children, it varies immensely from school district to school district.  Another issue is that th ... Read on »
Autism Society Canada Rejects Evidence Based Approach To Autism Treatment And Fails Autistic Children by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Sat 23 Aug 2008 11:30pm Recent statements by current Autism Society Canada President Kathleen Provost to a Montreal Gazette reporter have me asking again what the ASC actually does to help autistic Canadians? When the ASC can not even tell the Canadian public in a forthright manner what numerous American state and professional agencies have told us for years ... Read on »
An example of why protections must be in place for special education funding by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 22 Apr 2013 6:28pm Federal law requires that schools do not reduce support for special education. School can reduce support, but if and when they do they face penalties. The Federal Government has never lived up to its obligation to pay for 40% of the costs of special education. This results in the view by some school officials that special education is an unf ... Read on »