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Ignorance of a Plaque. Conclusion. by NatashaCall Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 10:06pm Concluding from the past two Fridays, the following is information regarding a report written by Dr. Scott Taylor called "Lyme Disease (Borreliosis), A Plague of Ignorance Regarding the Ignorance of a Plague". The more research I do, the more I come into contact with interesting bits of information that I can relate to my own experien ... Read on »
Lyme Disease: Please Boost Awareness Virally (Online, Etc.) About This Horrible Epidemic! Listen Tuesday to Famous Author Rebecc by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:32pm Do you love nature? Do you love tromping through the woods? Frolicking in the grass? Or even hanging out in city parks? If so, please keep a lookout for disease-bearing ticks, which proliferate from mid-May to mid-August throughout most of the U.S. and parts of Europe. Without your knowing it, a tick can attach itself to you and suck you ... Read on »
Flu Shots and CFS by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 04 Nov 2010 1:18pm Well, I finally got a flu shot, my first ever. You might recall from my update last month after seeing my Infectious Disease doctor that she had changed her mind about flu shots for CFS patients and has been giving them since last year.  She felt the risk of being exposed to the flu - especially with the bad flu season we had last year - was g ... Read on »
A Change of Scenery by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 05 Nov 2013 6:41pm  Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders! As most of you know, I've been going through a bad period this past month, and last week was just as bad. Friday I pretty much hit bottom - severe sore throat, horrible aches, exhaustion. I did something I rarely do and stayed in my pajamas in bed all day. By afternoon, my mood matched my physic ... Read on »
Surgery and CFS by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 31 Aug 2011 4:42pm I know I'm a bit overdue in writing this post.  I was waiting so that I could tell you how easily Jamie came through his oral surgery on Monday...but, alas, that hasn't happened.  He's had a severe sore throat and swollen glands since then, evidence that the stress of surgery caused a CFS flare-up/immune over-reaction.  He is improving, though, s ... Read on »
CBS Covers Latest ME/CFS Research on The Early Show by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 25 Feb 2011 8:58am Wow, CBS is just rockin' the ME/CFS media world this week! First the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric did a spot on the new research showing unique proteins in the spinal fluid of both CFS and chronic Lyme patients.  Some have complained that the piece was too brief, but I was thrilled.  This was network evening news!  One minute, 40 seconds ... Read on »
Very Inaccurate Coverage of CFS on Dr. Oz by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 23 Oct 2009 10:01pm These last few weeks, we've all been reading and celebrating all the scientific, accurate news stories on CFS that have emerged since the news of XMRV in CFS. Well, I saw today that the battle is far from over. I heard that the Dr. Oz Show would be covering CFS today, so I tuned in, expecting to hear about XMRV on a popular, national medical TV s ... Read on »
Movie Monday 8/29 by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 29 Aug 2011 5:11pm Well, we survived the hurricane, and Jamie came through his oral surgery this morning just fine.  We are hoping that the IV fluids he got in the hospital will help prevent a severe crash - time will tell.  He's got a sore throat and swollen glands, so that's not a good sign.  He's in a lot of pain now but enjoying his smoothie.  I will post again ... Read on »
Recurrent sore throats by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 8:12pm 2 Comments If you have recurrent throat infections with staph or strep bacteria, check your toothbrush, your nose and your mate. One study showed that beta strep, which causes rheumatic fever, was grown from toothbrushes of 30 percent of children who were infected with that germ. Beta strep can persist in unwashed toothbrushes for 15 days and in washed to ... Read on »
Strep Throat (Group A Streptococci Infections) by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Thu 23 Oct 2008 2:24pm 3 Comments Signs and Symptoms Approximately 15% of children who have a sore throat and fever are infected by Group A streptococci. When Group A streptococci infect the throat, they cause pharyngitis, which is a painful inflammation of the throat (pharynx). Swallowing may become so painful that the child has difficulty eating. A child with strep phary ... Read on »