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How To Naturally Get Rid Of Dry, Chapped Lips by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sat 07 Nov 2009 10:00pm Is chapped lips a problem to you this season? True enough, chapped lips is caused by staying too long in a dry, windy or cold environment. It can also be caused by dehydration or lack of vitamin B. But if it is caused by hypersensitivity to the lipstick you are using, make sure you change it and buy a lipstick with a better quality. He ... Read on »
LIP DRYNESS & CHAPPED LIPS by Niyaprakash Patient Expert Posted Sat 13 Sep 2008 11:46pm Blistex Lip Ointment's Advanced Moisture System delivers penetrating medication in a unique formula to relieve cold sores and severe lip dryness. Serious Relief: Blistex Lip Ointment contains 4 medications to provide relief from the pain, itching and discomfoSerious Moisture: The moisture and emollient base in Blistex Lip Ointment h ... Read on »
6 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Chapped Lips by Nicki Z. Patient Expert Posted Wed 06 Jan 2010 10:00am By futurederm Wednesday January 6, 2010 With 2010 hitting a lot of the northeast full-force, there are numerous sore sights:  ... Read on »
Avoid Dry, Chapped Lips This Winter with Neosporin Lip Health Products! by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Tue 26 Jan 2010 6:48pm I’m very grateful to Mom Central for including me in their Neosporin Lip Health 3-Day Challenge! The timing couldn’t have been better. Normally, I don’t have much of a problem with chapped or dry lips (I live in Florida, so I rarely get the harsh winter weather), but when I have a cold, my lips always get dried out. And when I received my Neosp ... Read on »
'Tis the Season for Chapped Lips by OCnaturaldoc Health Maven Posted Mon 20 Dec 2010 1:20pm Chapped lips are annoying, painful and unsightly....just what we don't need this busy time of year -- especially with friends and family photo ops! Here are some reasons why they chap and some easy tips to help • Eliminate the obvious offenders -- new products: lipstick, lip balm, may be allergic to ingredients ... Read on »
For Dry, Chapped Lips Try These Lip Balms by Shannon N. Posted Mon 30 Jan 2012 9:15am These are just some of the lip balms I’m carrying around in my handbag right now. For one, winter always wreaks havoc on my lips, even though this hasn’t been much of a winter here in Northeast PA. Warm one day and then freezing rain the next…my skin is going a little crazy. Second, I love that none of these lip balms smell alike. I adore sce ... Read on »
Avoid Dry and Chapped Lips this Winter {Giveaway} by Anne S. Posted Thu 27 Sep 2012 9:40pm Enter to win a tube of Lexie: Naturals all-natural lip balm. No need to resort to chemical-laden tubes of chap stick when you have this lip balm made of beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil! Regular price $2.00. Thank you for subscribing to Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy! Here's your free chapter of Your Grocery Budget Too ... Read on »
5 Ways to Prevent Chapped Lips in Winter by Kodjoworkout Posted Sun 27 Jan 2013 10:00am The cold, dry winds of winter can not only leave your hair in a frizzy halo around your head and your skin red and cracked, but it can also wreak havoc on parts that are exposed to the elements, namely your lips. If you’ve ever had to deal with the peeling, cracking, and pai ... Read on »
Vigilance season chapped lips remedy urgent by sweethouse Posted Tue 07 May 2013 5:22am   A beautiful lips, do not care about the time duration of trouble, it is important how to deal with the day-to-day care every day, especially seasonal care. In the same way as lip care, and the lips will be aging of the skin,  cheap christian louboutin online   can not be ignored to develop lip care habits in order to keep the beautiful colors a ... Read on »
How To Cure Chapped Lips by Sarah B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 26 Oct 2009 11:03pm This month Mid Brain reports on new cosmetic science stories while the Left and Right Brains take time off to work on the new Beauty Brains book. Mid Brain reports: We’ve blogged before about how your lips can become “addicted” to lip balm. But Neosporin has a new product that goes beyond just moisturizing to actually repairing dry, cha ... Read on »