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Philips Sonicare Diamond Toothbrush Review by Mark .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 18 Oct 2011 2:18am 1 Comment Every so often, I am contacted by manufacturers of healthcare equipment to ask me to trial their products this week it is the turn of the Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush. Over the past five to seven days, I have been using this toothbrush, to see how it performs and my thoughts on it. Design and appearance The toothbrush is very w ... Read on »
This can be a decent and low-cost way to Clarisonic Mia by brave8543 Posted Wed 13 Mar 2013 8:53am Having said that, should you be with limited funds, Olay moreover provides an impressive nice sonic are up against wash. This can be a decent and low-cost way to Clarisonic Mia, but yet Clarisonic continues to be the prime manufacturer just for productivity along with superior. Sonic skin cleansing is great cleanup and mild exfoliation. massage act ... Read on »
When is a comparison not a comparison? by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 08 Feb 2012 4:56pm I guess we shouldn't be surprised when a website called "Hospital Compare" chooses to adopt a methodology that presents comparisons, but leaves us with less-than-useful information.  According to Modern Healthcare : The CMS' Hospital Compare website has been updated with facility-specific data on central line-associated bloodstream infecti ... Read on »
Clarisonic Mia 2 White still only has two speeds for ones are up against by tiantian1289 Posted Sat 09 Mar 2013 3:00am All the Clarisonic Mia Natual skin care Experience most definitely awesome remember when you are while travelling, while it is undoubtedly a reduced label of all the antique Clarisonic natual skin care painting brush. It's extremely convenient-to-use, needing merely one-time accelerate along with a button in the software manipulate. For people who ... Read on »
Discover the dental hygenist's blueprint for magnificen by yezistlent8566 Posted Mon 01 Apr 2013 6:54am Discover the dental hygenist's blueprint for magnificent skin Would you take skin care advice from a dental hygenist? Neither would I - or so I thought. A year or so ago, I was having my 6 monthly check up and as it was Anna's last appointment for the day we got chatting (as girls do) about the kids, holidays, the economy and even cleaning routin ... Read on »
Mouth Care questions by Dr. Ellie Phillips Posted Sat 07 Aug 2010 7:54am Dear Dr.Phillips   I just read your book and am excited about the prospect of trying the program.  There are a number of mouthwashes whose ingrediants are identical to Listerine (such as the Walmart brand) which bears the ADA seal of approval. May those be used in place of Listerine? Also, flossing is barely mentioned in your book and ... Read on »
Cheap Clarisonic Brushes are offered in a wide range of sizes actual softness by xlfhappy7788 Posted Fri 08 Mar 2013 7:57am All of the Clarisonic clarisonic mia lightly brush fabricated from by the designing patterns from historical of these Sonicare toothbrush, and lastly the unique related developed products for the purpose of rich vacuuming. It again naturally trip thoroughly rich clears and lastly exfoliates face, as great as can be potential aided by the traditiona ... Read on »
Cost comparison for procedures I ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 4:19pm Cost comparison for procedures I am guessing as relates back to negotiated contracts with each facility...this will help those who are connected to the web...or could be viewed as somewhat of a "least cost routing" tool for procedures...ok I guess if you are not under an emergency type of situation for procedures that are not time sensitive.... ... Read on »
Faced with casual comparisons wi ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 4:24pm Faced with casual comparisons with Canada or Europe, many were ready with counterarguments: Americans don’t have to wait months for bypass surgery, like they do in Canada. Doctors here aren’t constrained by government interference. Unlike in England, American patients receive costly treatments such as hemodialysis even if they are old and in ... Read on »
A Comparison of Autism Prevalence Trends in Denmark and Western Australia. by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 14 Feb 2011 7:19pm I bring this up because there is a common argument that the autism “rates” in places like Denmark and Sweden are much lower than those in the US and elsewhere. This is used to try to negate studies using those country’s populations in, for example, showing that there is no increased risk from thimerosal or the MMR vaccine. This error often s ... Read on »