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Recipe: Sesame Lime Soba Noodles with Snow Peas and Shiitake Mushrooms by Dreena Burton !. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 15 Feb 2012 2:28pm After a day indulging in chocolate and other Valentine's treats, perhaps you're looking for a dinner that is bright, lively, energizing, and 'clean'. These Sesame Lime Soba Noodles are just what this vegan mama ordered! Sesame Lime Soba Noodles with Shiitake Mushrooms and Snow Peas (photo credit: alive magazine)  (Well, ... Read on »
St. Patty’s Snow Peas by Amy R. Patient Expert Posted Tue 28 Feb 2012 3:55pm When I got home last night, my neighbor had left 2 lbs of snow peas for our family!  Although, I may be sharing snow pea recipes all week, I wanted to start with a delicious way to eat them: Warm Green Pepper Snow Pea Salad! First off, a little about this delicious food:  Snow Peas are low in fat, high in fiber and protein.  But it’s al ... Read on »
DELICIOUS SNOW PEAS WITH ORANGE by Sutapa.G Posted Wed 18 Nov 2009 10:03pm In my child hood days my granny use to cook snow peas with mustard sauce. But snow peas was not my child hood favorite. I very cleverly avoid this vegetable but as I grew up and my interest for healthy food increase, I found this snow peas quiet interesting. Snow peas in mustard sauce is very delicious but I try out little differently and like ... Read on »
Red Cabbage and Snow Pea Salad by Sanura Posted Sun 07 Aug 2011 10:36pm Colors make my world go round. When creating a dish, the taste and visual appearance is what influences the creativity. The ability to imagine colorful combination on the plate comes from a graphic design background. One of my favorite color combination is green and purple, for they harmonize well together. When a salad uses vegetab ... Read on »
Spring Pea Chicken Salad by Every Little Thing Blog Health MavenFacebook Posted Tue 10 Apr 2012 9:35pm This week is the start of an exciting, event-filled Spring for me. I didn’t have much going on this winter, but Spring and Summer are proving to be jam-packed! A lot of fun events coming up, and I’m excited to bring ELT along with me. First though, before we can go anywhere or do anything, you must try this chicken salad. How can ... Read on »
Snow Crunch. by Peas in a Blog Posted Mon 26 Nov 2012 8:22am A couple of years ago I had my first taste of Snow Crunch , a delicious white chocolate Northern treat I’ve been thinking about eversince. After seeing how much all of his friend enjoyed his mom’s recipe of Snow Crunch, my friend Mick decided to share the wealth with the world & manufactured it — I’m so glad he did! As I picked up a bag ... Read on »
James Beard’s Pleasant Pasta Recipe by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 05 Jun 2012 9:30pm James Beard's Pleasant Pasta Done Gluten Free Hunger got the best of me last night before getting a proper photo of this yummy pasta with ham and sugar snap peas. Actually, it was an after thought to snap one at all while sitting at the table after I had already begun to dig in. I hope you’ll forgive me and try the rec ... Read on »
Green Pea, Lettuce and Fennel Soup: Healthy, Green and Satisfying for Souper (Soup, Salad & Sammie) Sundays by DebinHawaii Posted Sun 19 Jan 2014 6:43pm Well this is a little embarrassing. While I was making this Pea, Lettuce and Fennel Soup that I tagged in Giada's Feel Good Food Cookbook , then saw again in Women's Health Magazine, I realized it was a little too familiar. Tuns out I made it back in July . Whoops! ;-) I guess with almost 300 soups posted, it was inevitable that I would duplicat ... Read on »
Pad Thai with Peas? by Whitlikesfit Posted Tue 27 Nov 2012 12:00am 1st, sad news.  My beloved Canon T3i somehow got knocked around in SF and got injured.  She can still take pictures but the top of the case became loose and that just can’t be good.  Because Canon is awesome they are letting me send it back in to get fixed for free (hopefully). Anyway, she’s off to the repair shop so for the next oooh appro ... Read on »
Salad recipes to turn your salads into a main course! by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 10 Aug 2009 4:22pm ***Keep reading, I feature 16 tasty salads you can turn into a main course*** Are you one of those people who mistakenly think that a salad is a bunch of leaves on a plate? If you are less than thrilled by the idea of eating a salad on a daily basis, it’s most likely because you’ve not yet learned how to turn your salads into a fantasti ... Read on »