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Bathing Suit Season Strategy #10: Be Careful of the 100 Calorie Snack Packs! by Jayson H. Registered Dietician Posted Tue 18 Mar 2008 10:30am 1 Comment Be careful of the 100 calorie snack packs!!!! That's right you need to be careful with this new food fad. I am talking about all these 100 calorie snack packs that are on the shelves now. Sure they are great because they are only 100 calories. Let me pick this thought apart a little for you. I am using the 100 cal ... Read on »
Why “Snack Packs” Don’t Help You Lose Weight by Scott K. Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:03am I’ve talked about this before, in discussing the fallacious “Heart Healthy Lunchroom” of my former employer. Now there is actually proof: Snacks In Small Packages May Lead To Overeating ( Abstract ). Yet new research found that people actually consume more high-calorie snacks when they are in small packages than large ones. And smaller ... Read on »
The 600 calorie snack pack by Theantijared Patient Expert Posted Wed 20 May 2009 1:22pm My wife is a good person. Today I appreciate all of the efforts she attempted to help me lose weight. A few years back, not so much. We never called it losing weight, but rather "getting healthy". She never told me I was unattractive, or huge, or anything like that. I am glad, because I wouldn't do well with that. No, I met ... Read on »
Guest Post: The Truth About 100 Calorie Snack Packs by MissyMaintains Posted Thu 19 Aug 2010 11:11am Are you trying to slim down and shed a few extra pounds by munching on, what you think are, healthy snacks throughout the day? Are you keeping your metabolism regulated and consuming the appropriate number of meals and snacks throughout the day, but hitting up the vending machine due to lack of time and picking out what seems the best choice, ... Read on »
Month of Holiday Giveaways: Barney Butter Snack Packs! by IowaGirlEats Posted Thu 09 Dec 2010 8:14pm Well, you had to see this coming… The step mill and I made up! It’s a love/hate relationship, you see. I love what it does for my bod, but I hate it with all my heart because it’s so friggin’ hard. Well, the love won out and we shared 20 wretched magical minutes together after a 40 minute treadmill sesh tonight. Sweat. Pouring. Sore. Good. ... Read on »
Healthy Snack-Packing Ideas For Summer Travel by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 11 Aug 2013 7:00pm Florida Dairy Farmers offers some tips for you to hit the road with healthy snack-packing. The hustle and bustle of summertime travel can be chaotic, with families often placing healthy eating practices on the back burner. Whether it’s a day trip to enjoy a regional destination, or an extended vacation, it’s important to maintain a health ... Read on »
Ask The Healthy Eating Coach Are 100 Calorie Snack Packs Healthy by Melanie J. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Thu 12 Mar 2009 3:02pm Question:  It seems there a million of those 100 calorie pre-packaged food products out there, but are they really healthy? Answer From Healthy Eating Coach Melanie Jordan:      You' re right that these 100 calorie snack packages seem to be all the rage.  Leave it to the food industry to jump on the bandwagon big time once they c ... Read on »
Don’t be Lured by Mini Snack Packs by JoGo .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 07 Sep 2008 8:37pm Just one!? Weight-conscious consumers who opt for the pre-packaged single portions to more easily control their caloric intake might be achieving the reverse. The same people who choose these individual snack packets as a way to limit how much they eat, find it more difficult to feel satisfied with just one of the snack-sized portio ... Read on »
Sensible Portions Snack Pack Giveaway! by Roni N. Patient Expert Posted Wed 18 Feb 2009 12:04pm I’m so excited about this giveaway! The Sensible Portion folks have been very generous since I posted about finding their Multi Grain Mini Crisps at my Local BJ’s. Since then they sent me a bunch of products to try and honestly, I loved each one. Now they are donating 5 prize packs to 5 of my readers. I’m a little jealous as the prize pac ... Read on »
Healthy Snacks to Pack to Avoid Movie Theater Food Temptation by Kodjoworkout Posted Wed 06 Jun 2012 9:00am Some people go to the movies for the sake of seeing the film. But if you asked a lot of people what really excites them about the experience, they will probably tell you that they go to the cinema for the snacks. Can there be anything better than a tub of movie theater popcorn smothered in butter? Sure, it comes with a price and that ... Read on »