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VAGINAL THRUSH: SIX WAYS IT COULD HAVE DEVELOPED by OlwenAnderson Health Maven Posted Sun 09 Aug 2009 7:03pm How To Tell If You Have Thrush Itching, irritation and a creamy smelly discharge are the first signs of a thrush infection.   But many sexual infections have similar symptoms, so its important to obtain a professional diagnosis from your doctor or sexual health clinic first. How DidYour Thrush Infection Develop? As a part of your body th ... Read on »
How long light/brown discharges in your first trimester should last? by nenndre Posted Mon 26 Oct 2009 2:30pm I don't drink, don't smoke, and drug free... I think I am pregnant, just because of some symptoms i have for a week now... i started having light/brown discharges, not a lot, it doesn't make my day pad full nor a half... but was wondering how long usualy those discharges last? I have read that some woman experience in different ways.. but what's ... Read on »
Tips for Quick Recovery after Breast Augmentation Surgery by Ryan Andrews Posted Mon 01 Jul 2013 6:29am After the breast augmentation surgery, the recovery period is important. Make sure that you have a detailed discussion with your plastic surgeon about the period of recovery. Follow your doctor’s advice carefully to enjoy speedy recovery and good aesthetic results. Given below are some of the essential things that should be kept in mind esp ... Read on »
green / brown cervical mucus discharge by memphis Posted Sat 15 Aug 2009 10:06am Hi i am 10 weeks pregnant with my second child and for the last month i have had the odd lower ab pain on and off and in the last couple of weeks i started getting this greeny coloured cervical mucus discarge on and of then in the last 24 hours i got a sticky greeny brown coloured cervical mucus discharge. i never had anything like this wit ... Read on »
Vaginal Discharge: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by Dr Nicoll Posted Tue 19 Oct 2010 3:39pm One of my patients’ most common gynecologic complaints is about vaginal discharge.   It’s not something most womenwant to talk about.  I mean, if you watch enough commercials for “feminine hygeine products” you start to think that vaginal discharge will make you a social outcast who wears loose, flowy clothing  in varying shades of mauve and gr ... Read on »
Hydrosalpinx could potentially cause lower abdominal pain and weird vaginal discharge by winter1101 Posted Wed 26 Jun 2013 5:01pm Fuyan Pill Unblock Fallopian Tubes. Exactly what is Endometrial Ablation for any treatments for endometriosis or ovarian cysts?  To get a patient with endometriosis, specifically when cysts on ovaries associated with endometriosis can be found (an endometrioma), managing endometriosis and cysts on ovaries is useful both for reducing pain for ... Read on »
Pregnant vaginal discharge by AtYourCervix Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Oct 2012 8:51pm Leukorrhea: the normal discharge of pregnancy.  Can be white, creamy, or clear.  Yes, it increases with pregnancy, more so the closer you get to your due date.  Normal, normal, normal.  It can look like mucus, or like snot, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy.  Normal, normal, normal! But, if you have anything that is Clumpy like cottag ... Read on »
Signs & Symptoms of Chlamydia by Health Team Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 4:41pm 4 Comments Here is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of Chlamydia: Anal discharge Cloudy urine Light vaginal bleeding Lower abdominal pain Lower abdominal pain during menstruation Lower back pain Lower back pain during menstruation Pain while urinating Pain with urination Painful urination Pelvic pain Penile ... Read on »
Why the cervical cancer screening age does not need to be lowered by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Posted Tue 29 May 2012 9:43am Following calls from patient groups and MPs to lower the age for cervicalRelating either to the cervix (the neck of the womb) or to the cervical vertebrae in the neck (cervical spine). cancerAbnormal, uncontrolled cell division resulting in a malignant tu ... Read on »
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Thu 10 Jan 2013 9:00am I had unprotected sex on my period and took the morning after pill the next day however now there is a smelly brown discharge, how do I make it stop? Follow @alvinblin Read on »