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HEADACHE AND ACUPUNCTURE Most ty... by Rev. Dr. Richard B. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sat 13 Sep 2008 1:12am HEADACHE AND ACUPUNCTURE Most types of headaches occur as a mixed headache disorder, in which tension headache, sinus headache and vascular (migraine) headache arise at different times and under different circumstances. Headaches may be diagnosed in TCM practice by nature of pain. Sharp pain is usually from excess energy imbalance, dull pain ... Read on »
Tension, Migraine, Sinus- What a Head-Ache! by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Wed 06 Jan 2010 12:00am The most common headache is a tension or stress headache. This type of headache tends to be cervicogenic in nature, meaning it originates from the neck. Tension to the neck muscles often develops from mental stress and/or poor posture which pulls on the spine creating misalignments and nerve pressure. If you think about when you ... Read on »
I Can’t Stress the Importance of Good Neck Posture Enough! by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Fri 05 Feb 2010 12:00am Good posture in the neck means that our neck bones inside of us are in good alignment; and that means the nerves are free from any unwanted pressure. All of this equals a body functioning at its best and without health problems like neck pain, headaches, or something worse. Here is a list of the cervical nerves and what they control: ... Read on »
Your Questions Answered: Tension, Sinus, & Migraine Headaches by Diane C. Patient Expert Posted Tue 14 Oct 2008 4:01am The second post in this Question and Answer series (reader-submitted questions via the Skribit box in the left hand column of this blog) focuses on a common problem -- headaches. There are many causes for headaches, but the three most common that I see are the ones asked about -- tension, sinus and migraine. Because I prefer to work with indiv ... Read on »
Natural Remedies for Headaches by Dr. Daisy S. Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Tue 25 Feb 2014 10:02pm 1 Comment Next time you are battling with a headache, don’t reach for the typical over the counter medication. There are natural remedies that will help to diminish the pounding in your head or the strain behind your eyes. But before you can diminish your headache it’s important to understand the underlying cause of these symptoms. Many tension ... Read on »
Migraine and sinus headaches by Dr. Alexander Mauskop Medical Doctor Posted Sun 24 Jun 2012 1:24am Sinus inflammation can seriously worsen migraine attacks according to a recent presentation by Dr. V. Martin and his colleagues made at the 54th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society in Los Angeles. Migraines are often mistaken for sinus headaches because pain of migraine is often felt in the area of sinuses and many migra ... Read on »
Natural Sinus Congestion, Sinus Headaches, Allergy and Sinusitis Relief through Lymphatic Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Mon 05 Dec 2011 12:33pm A common complaint of my clients this season is sinus congestion, running noses, plugged ears, sinus headaches, swollen glands in the neck and a general feeling of stuffy and puffiness in the head. Sinus congestion happens when our mucous flushing system is shut down and becomes blocked. This can occur when we develop a cold, an all ... Read on »
Bringing Light to the Pain of A Migraine Headache by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Sun 17 Jan 2010 12:00am At the Neck Pain Support Blog, we talk a lot about headaches- In recent posts we have shed light on cluster headaches, sinus headaches, tension headaches, and today I want to discusss a new study about why light bothers patients who suffer from migraine headaches. 12% of the American population is said to suffer from migraine headaches ... Read on »
When to Suspect Lyme by Dr. Virginia S. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 10:49am The most useful diagnostic reference: the “Bible” of Lyme medical literature. by John Bleiweiss, MD. The When To Suspect Lyme Disease essay: This essay, written by John D. Bleiweiss, M.D., in April, 1994 is very long, but also very comprehensive and helpful. Any doctor checking for Lyme disease would do well to read this essay first; any ... Read on »
Migraine Gem - Sinus Headache? by Teri Robert Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 28 Sep 2013 12:00am Many people think they have sinus headaches, and unfortunately, some doctors even misdiagnose people with sinus headaches. The reality is that sinus headache is rare without a sinus infection. Research has shown that the vast majority of what people think are sinus headaches are actually Migraine attacks. ... Read on »