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This Blog Reduces Sinus Congestion by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Sat 15 Aug 2009 10:08pm A reader writes: I’m now 30 years old.  For the past ten years or so, I’ve had constant post-nasal drip and stuffed sinuses, frequently coughing out phlegm.  In addition, I’ve had fairly intense fatigue, moderate but consistent depression, and occasional but intense tendinitis (from typing). I tried nasal pharma sprays and many alternative t ... Read on »
Sinus Congestion remedies and symptoms by REMEDIESCONGESTION Posted Thu 03 Jan 2013 9:30am What Is Sinus ? Sinus are like a pockets found in every human being in their head skull. Sinuses are Found in the form of Paired and these paired are connected with nose. Used For Air Passing and Mucus Drained. Sinus actually 4 Types and all these paired connected with nose. Sinus Types Ethmoid sinuses   Frontal S ... Read on »
Remedies for Sinus Congestion by REMEDIESCONGESTION Posted Mon 21 Jan 2013 8:12am Remedies for Sinus Congestion Sinus congestion also called Nasal congestion. Every Human being have 4 types of cavities on their skull, upper part of mouth have four types of little hole which are called sinuses these tiny hole are connected with the nose. Frontal Sinus Ethmoid Sinus Maxillary Sinus Sphenoid Sinus Purpose of Sin ... Read on »
Home remedies for congestion by REMEDIESCONGESTION Posted Fri 18 Jan 2013 9:31am Home remedies for congestion Remedies also called treatment. Congestion means tightness of chest or uncomfortable feeling due to short breathing. There are two major types of congestion one is called chest congestion and second is called Sinus congestion also called Nasal congestion. Chest Congestion Actually its a condition in which hum ... Read on »
What Forms of Long-Acting Guaifenesin are Available? by Neil Kao Medical Doctor Posted Sat 13 Jun 2009 12:26am Guaifenesin is an old compound that is supposed to help thin respiratory mucus and hence help one remove it from the respiratory tract. Technical term is an expectorant. The evidence in favor of guaifenesin is weak in my opinion. However, when used correctly, there may be benefit without adverse effect and hence it may be worth a try to reduce sy ... Read on »
Natural Sinus Congestion, Sinus Headaches, Allergy and Sinusitis Relief through Lymphatic Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Mon 05 Dec 2011 12:33pm A common complaint of my clients this season is sinus congestion, running noses, plugged ears, sinus headaches, swollen glands in the neck and a general feeling of stuffy and puffiness in the head. Sinus congestion happens when our mucous flushing system is shut down and becomes blocked. This can occur when we develop a cold, an all ... Read on »
Natural Sinus Congestion Treatments by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 18 Jan 2011 3:52pm Feeling ‘stuffy’ and congested? When the membranes lining the nasal passages become inflamed, swelling can occur, causing the obstruction of easy airflow in the sinus walls. This obstruction is commonly described as nasal congestion and ‘pressure’ on the upper cheeks and on either side of the nose. A dull ache is also commonly f ... Read on »
Some useful tips in the treatment of sinus congestion by REMEDIESCONGESTION Posted Thu 20 Dec 2012 10:08am Sinus Congestions is Common Problem in which millions of people suffering in all over the world. An Estimation Said That 37 Million people get at least one time infected with Sinus Congestions in a year. Such kind of patients is very irritating and feeling disturbance in their life. Sinus Congestions appears due to inflammation in blood vessels . ... Read on »
Remedies of Sinus Congestion by REMEDIESCONGESTION Posted Tue 25 Dec 2012 12:50pm The people who facing chronic have following problems for 12 weeks or more that are facial pain, facial pressure, facial congestion, facial fullness, nasal obstruction, nasal blockage, thick nasal discharge, nasal discolored and fever. They are also facing the problem of headache, bad breath. These conditions occurred due to some causes.  You can ... Read on »
I hate being sick. Any tips for clearing sinus congestion?? by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 28 Aug 2013 12:51am I’m sick. Despite trying to convince myself all day that I’m really fine, the cold hath descended and I’m miserable. I’d be asleep now except I CAN’T BREATHE. Commence the pity party? So… no post today. Not that I think I’m the center of anyone’s universe here but misery loves sympathy;) And also, if you’ve got any suggestions f ... Read on »