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Any Side Effects Consuming Artificial Sweeteners by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sat 31 Jul 2010 5:51pm If you’ve switched from using real sugar to an artificial sweetener, you need to be aware of the side effects that accompany that artificial sweetener as well. There are several different types of sweeteners, but the most common...  Read on »
Artificial Sweeteners & Weight Gain - Keys to Good Nutrition & to Eating Healthy Feast On Organic Whole Food by Josiah F. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 9:35pm Dear health conscious friends, I'm on vacation right now, so I don't have a lot of time to write my typical lengthy blog posting. However, I did find this very interesting article on Dr. Mercola's website all about the toxic dangers and other side effects of artificial sweeteners. Please be sure to read Dr. Mercola's comm ... Read on »
A Guide to Natural and Artificial Sweeteners by Tamara H. Posted Tue 23 Oct 2012 3:11pm A Guide to Natural and Artificial Sweeteners Filed under: Healthy Ideas — October 23, 2012 All of us like to add a little bit of sweetness to our diet, but how much do we really know about natural and artificial sweeteners? Are artificial sweeteners rea ... Read on »
Artificial Sweeteners – What You Need to Know by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Mon 15 Jul 2013 8:25am Sugar tits. Don't we love them? Natural ones, if you please. Why do women get breast implants? Is it to draw attention away from how stupid some of them can be? But we don't care, do we? Well, it cuts both ways – intellectuals aren't exactly the people that you'd find getting laid all the time, thanks to their preoccupation with ... Read on »
Q&A with Ruth Sullivan, Dietician for SU Food Services by Dina S. Posted Tue 05 Oct 2010 6:43am In our newest series, Alicia Smith will be talking to resident health experts to answer all those health questions you were too afraid to ask. Got a question? Leave it in the comments, or submit it through our Contact page! This week’s topic: Artificial Sweeteners by Alicia Smith, blogger The topic of artificial sweeteners has alway ... Read on »
Drink tequila, lose weight? ... by John R. Posted Wed 26 Mar 2014 8:48am Drink tequila, lose weight? How sugars found in the Mexican spirit have 'tremendous' potential to fight obesity If you are a mouse The sugar that gives tequila its kick could also help us stay slim.  Researchers say the plant sugars that are fermented to create the Mexican spirit hold ‘tremendous’ potential in the battle of the bulge. ... Read on »
Bye bye Splenda by Twinkletoes63 Posted Thu 29 Apr 2010 10:38am Splenda and I used to be best friends.  We went everywhere together (I always had some in my bag!).  I put it in my coffees, plain yogurt, cooked with it, etc.– I was pretty much ADDICTED to it. I thought Splenda was different than the other Sweeteners since it was 0 calories and ‘made from real sugar’ so therefore it must be ‘natura ... Read on »
Cocoa Coconut Pancakes And A Giveaway! by Kiri W. Posted Tue 05 Jun 2012 11:00am Alright! I am more or less back, and since nothing is better than breakfast for dinner, one of the first things I made once the dust of commencement and traveling (more about that tomorrow) settled were pancakes. But not any pancakes! Low-carb cocoa coconut pancakes that were both heavenly and ridiculously guilt-free. Is your mouth w ... Read on »
Reader’s Request: Why I’m finished with artificial sweeteners by eatspinrunrpt Posted Thu 16 Feb 2012 5:00am A little while ago, I posted about 2 changes I’ve made for my health so far this year. You may recall that one of them was a big reduction in my intake of artificial sweeteners, and shortly after I published the post, I got an email from a lovely reader asking me for a bit more information. This is what she had to say: Your recent post th ... Read on »
Weekend Link Love by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 18 Jul 2013 8:48pm If you’re an ancestral health-minded physician, make sure to sign up for the Primal Docs network and Paleo Physicians Network . People need you! Like farmers who do things the right way? Enjoy bacon from pastured pigs? Interested in protecting the former’s ability to provide you the latter? Check out this giveaway . Popular science aut ... Read on »