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Oh, No, The Tongue Patch Diet by eatnormalnow Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 01 Nov 2013 8:36am One of my favorite sayings is, “You can’t see the picture when you’re inside the frame.” It means that sometimes you need distance and objectivity to see yourself clearly and realistically. Nowhere is this more true than in an obsession with losing weight. Take “The Tongue Patch Diet,” which I learned about in a segment of 20/20. Silly- ... Read on »
Fitness Friday / Oh where, Oh where? by talkless_saymore Posted Fri 18 Jan 2013 7:23am   Oh where, oh where Has the yoga gone? Oh where, oh where can it be? With the practice cut short And the poses held long Oh where, oh where can it be? Yep, there’s still hardly any yoga in my life. And I promise I’m still working to fix that, despite how it seems. The thing is, I have to make ... Read on »
Uh, Oh. Setting and Achieving Goals is the Secret to Losing Weight. Check It Out. by Doctor of Philosophy Posted Fri 23 Mar 2012 7:11am If your weight-loss process is about anything, it is about goals. Goals, goals, goals. You set them at the outset, long-term probably: “I want to lose all this extra weight I’m carrying.” You set them each day: “On my diet today I will have the following…” You set goals in the moment as well: “I am dieting and I want to keep dieting successful ... Read on »
Oh No! Summer In The City Is Almost Here and I Am Out of Shape by NTrainers Posted Wed 06 Apr 2011 5:37pm Summer is just around the corner.   The warmer months will lead to more outdoor events lending themselves to more comfortable, form fitting clothing that is often meant to be more revealing to a degree. If you're someone who spends a couple of days a week with a personal trainer then summer may already be a motivating factor when you hit the gym. ... Read on »
Diet time again – Oh joy! by Ron Patient Expert Posted Sun 28 Jul 2013 4:00pm My diet started today as I’ve gained 5kg and discovered that my “snack lunch” is around 1,300kcals! Of the 2 small pork pies, a couple of pickled eggs and some home-made pickles (beetroot, cucumber, red onion), the damage is done by the pies which account for over 1,000kcals. On a different, but not unrelated note, I weighed my used dressi ... Read on »
IT'S OVER! NO MORE DIET PEPSI FOR ME! OH NO! NOW WHAT? by Heidi .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 9:45pm Ring, ring, I was calling my friend Julie to tell her the big news (anyone who knows me knows this is BIG news)- I am ending it with Diet Pepsi after 20 long years of ignorant bliss, I told her. I was met by a long pause of silence and then Julie said that she was not going to have anything to do with me for a few days (isn't it nice to ha ... Read on »
“Oh, It’s So Automatic. Before I Know it, I’ve Reached for Food, and There Goes My Good Dieting.” by Doctor of Philosophy Posted Mon 14 May 2012 5:00am 2 Comments by Maria's Last Diet Overeating and the use of food for non-food purposes over time become part of a person’s everyday repertoire, part of who the person is. Reaching for extras, seconds, chips, cookies, eating so much, so that you make your stomach feel a certain way, all become second nature. These ‘moves’ like the ‘moves’ of any beha ... Read on »
Photos, diets and dentists.. OH MY! by Amy D. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 8:58am I really enjoyed the time I spent yesterday while working in my photography lessons. I'm learning all about lenses & f-numbers. Very interesting and somewhat complex stuff. I had to read some parts over a few times to make sure I was getting it. The picture to the left I took a couple of days ago. My wonderful husband brought home 2 dozen oran ... Read on »
Video the Ricky Gervais diet: "I get up and I go Oh God...I got to go burn off all those calories" by Roman M. Patient Expert Posted Tue 06 Apr 2010 1:50pm You have to admit that Ricky Gervais is funny. And he's especially funny when he's talking about losing weight. Recently the British comedian and writer/star of the original British Office was on the David Letterman Show. Letterman commented on how much better Gervais looks now that he's lost some weight and asked Gervais ... Read on »
Fatigue and Balance and Diet, Oh My! by theselfhealingcoach Posted Thu 02 Aug 2012 5:28pm A couple days ago I sent out an email asking all of you what the top three biggest problems are in your life right now that you most want solved. Well first I’d like to thank everyone who responded. It was a really powerful experience to hear from so many people at once about what is going on for them. Though the answers were varied, the “gre ... Read on »