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Drug-Drug Interactions to Watch Out For by Dirk H. Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Nov 2010 1:42pm P450 enzymes and “poor metabolizers.” The finding, published in Science , is a bit arcane to the layperson. The big secret of how the P450 enzyme family metabolizes drugs turns out to be a critical phase change, where an oxygen molecule temporarily joins the mix, forming “Compound I,” a process the scientists documented by cooling the ... Read on »
Drug News in Brief by Dirk H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 20 Mar 2013 12:39pm Short takes on matters various. Taking Aim at Pot—Researchers have recently made clinical efforts to test three drugs that might help during marijuana withdrawal to keep pot abstainers on the straight and narrow. Researchers at Columbia University, led by Margaret Haney, have been testing a synthetic THC compound called nabilone. Th ... Read on »
Recognizing National Hospital and Health System Pharmacy Week by JLevy Patient Expert Posted Tue 18 Oct 2011 5:24pm Health systems across the nation, including Geisinger Health Plans , are recognizing National Hospital and Health System Pharmacy Week which runs from October 17th through the 23rd.  Pharmacy Week is dedicated to hard working pharmacists who play such an important role in patient care. Geisinger Health System specifically is taking an activ ... Read on »
Plant Healer Magazine News by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Tue 07 Jun 2011 4:07pm Issue #3 Now Available! New Subscription Rates Breakdown Changes In Your Subscriptions Management Exciting New Forager Column by Sam Thayer New Interviews Department Overview of Issue #3 Topics New Subscription Rates Out of consideration for readers who are struggling financially, we now offer 2 subscription options: a new $37 rate that ... Read on »
What Happens When Testosterone Replacement Fails to Improve Them? by Nelson V. Patient Expert Posted Thu 20 Jan 2011 12:00am Erectile Function and Fatigue- What Happens When Testosterone Replacement Fails to Improve Them? By Nelson Vergel Excerpt from “Testosterone: A Man’s Guide” (available on and Meso Rx)Most men find that their sexual desire increases after they start testosterone replacement. Sexual dreams and nighttime/morning erections may be more ... Read on »
A Pharmacist’s Guide To Avoiding Dangerous Drug Interactions, Reactions And Side Effects by Amanda Patient Expert Posted Sat 04 Feb 2012 6:00am Dangerous drug interactions and common drug-induced illnesses are a hidden epidemic in the United States. Unqualified use and abuse of prescription drugs is becoming commonplace as many doctors prescribe multiple meds because either they don’t have the time to fully diagnose, or worse, they are pressured to prescribe (sell) highly profitable ... Read on »
Researchers Develop Computer Model To Predict Drug InteractionsReporting Technology’s Impact on Healthcare by Francine H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 13 Jun 2012 12:00am Researchers have developed a new computer model to help predict adverse drug reactions. If proven successful, the computer model could improve patient safety while reducing the costs associated with bringing new medications to the market. FierceHealthIT, Boston Globe. from iHealthBeat ... Read on »
IS YOUR LOVED ONE’S PHYSICIAN AWARE OF THESE DRUG INTERACTIONS? by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Mon 07 Nov 2011 8:20pm I would suggest you make it normal procedure to always ask the healthcare provider if the medicine they are prescribing will affect the Aricept, Exelon, or Razadyne. By Cindy Keith Alzheimer's Reading Room An article printed in Medical News Today entitled “Many Alzheimer’s Patients Get Drugs With Opposing Effects” caught my eye and re ... Read on »
Drug Interaction: A Real Issue by Sara G. Patient Expert Posted Sat 20 Dec 2008 5:44pm Check out this Medscape article addressing Drug to Drug Interaction, an issue that is a consideration for any of us who take more than one medication at a time. This case-based activity identifies risk factors for drug-drug interactions and presents management tools to help doctors anticipate and prevent associated adverse events for patients. ... Read on »
ADD ADHD Medications - Amphetamines: 2D6 Drug Interaction Update by Chuck Medical Doctor Posted Sun 21 Dec 2008 7:44am Image via WikipediaADD, ADHD Update:  We know Prozac and Paxilcommonly interact with amphetamines[AMP] Now we should also watch for Antihistamines When they are used for treatment of depression and ADD simultaneously: Dexedrine, Adderall and Adderall XR, and Vyvanse -by blocking the metabolic pathway of AMP, ' CYP450 2D6' -and have r ... Read on »