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It’s Official. I’m Useless. by Bill S. Health Maven Posted Thu 24 Jun 2010 8:31am After the border collie got her bath, Gail who was dripping wet and exhausted asked if I would mind taking Raven out to use the yard.  I said no problem.  She did her business and then went into “defense mode.”  Another loose hillbilly neighbor dog walked into our yard. Thank goodness, this is a nice dog.  But as far as Raven was concer ... Read on »
Aches and Pains - Just Normal Aches and Pains by Rudy S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 02 Oct 2008 2:09pm 1 Comment Informative article Link: Aches and Pains - Just Normal Aches and Pains. Read on »
Running with postpartum aches and pains, abdominal reconditioning exercises by Meggan F. Posted Fri 04 Mar 2011 8:59pm Training update... Saturday: AM: 30minutes on the trainer, PM: 60minutes running with the baby jogger Sunday: AM: 40minutes running with the baby jogger, PM: 35minutes with M.E. Monday: 9 miles with 15X1min at 5:17-5:39 pace, 1 minute recoveries Tuesday: 70minutes recovery (9+miles) Wednesday: 20min w/u, 5X1 mile with 2 min jog recovery (5:4 ... Read on »
soothe your back aches and pain with organic back soothe wellness oil by Doris C. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Thu 13 Nov 2008 7:00pm Those who have suffered from a bad back can agree with me the frustration and discomfort when the pain hits at the back muscles. It can impair mobility and affect our normal schedule and routine. Some people think that by sleeping over it, the pain will be gone. But little do they know that if nothing is done, the pain can get more intense and af ... Read on »
Managing Muscles: 6 Ways to Ease Your Aches and Pains After a Workout by Kodjoworkout Posted Fri 06 Dec 2013 9:52am After a great workout, you’re probably going to experience some muscle soreness. Whether you’re just starting a new workout routine or you’ve been at it for a while, muscle soreness is to be expected with any exercise regimen. However, you don’t have to live with achy muscles forever. There are ways you can soothe the hurt you’re feeling qu ... Read on »
Running With Aches, Pains, and Injuries by Stephanie Anne Posted Wed 24 Aug 2011 8:00am Today's guest post is from Wells L @ My Story... Chapter 2 ! She is constantly battling every running injury I could imagine, but pushes through each one to continue racing 5Ks & Half Marathons. I asked her to share a little about her injuries with you. Be sure to check her blog out HERE! Running with Aches, Pains, and Injuries: ... Read on »
Aches And Pains? It Could Be Your Job! by Adria A. Posted Thu 24 Jun 2010 12:00am About 80% of the people we encounter at the gym are desk workers.  Day after day people tell us of their struggles with shoulder pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and strange nerve problems.  Although people know they have these weird pains, they don’t analyze them long enough to find the caus ... Read on »
Aches and Pains by Ronni B. Patient Expert Posted Thu 06 Jan 2011 8:31am IMPORTANT UPDATE to Tuesday's post on 2011 health care changes: the provision for Medicare to pay physicians for annual, voluntary, end-of-life counseling has been rescinded. Robert Pear, writing in The New York Times yesterday, explained: “While administration officials cited procedural reasons for changing the rule, it was clear that pol ... Read on »
Long Run Friday: Training Aches & Pains by A Healthy, Happier Bear Facebook Posted Fri 04 Mar 2011 10:10am In honor of today’s long run with Theodora , I wanted to share with you some wonderful information I’ve been using to keep my training aches and pains at bay. Anytime I increase my weekly running mileage or intensity, I end up with tight hip flexors which affect my daily activities and my running form. During marathon training I pushed t ... Read on »
Good Question: Aches + Pains by Ashley M. Posted Thu 21 Feb 2013 11:09am Kate writes:  I finished the couch to 5K plan a few weeks ago . . . and in the past couples of weeks I have noticed that my legs are killing me after and during a run. It doesn't last a full day which makes me think that I haven't done any serious injury.  My question is this: As a new runner, how do we tell what is an injury and wha ... Read on »