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Disaster Response: Psychological First Aid for Children by Christina Thielst Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 13 Apr 2009 11:38pm Below are links to brochures (English and Spanish) to assist with the psychological needs of children in a disaster situation.  The three primary steps are to:   Listen,  Protect and Connect PFA Children Spanish              PFA_Children English Read on »
1February 20, 2010Psychology, rape and the attribution of responsibility by Social Psychology Eye Posted Sat 20 Feb 2010 12:00am The recent ‘Wake Up To Rape’ report by Havens rape centres in London found ‘that more than half of women believe victims share the blame for what happens’. This provides an alarming example of the self-serving attributional phenomenon – attribution of responsibility (Weiner, 1995). In short, some social psychologists believe that people hold ... Read on »
Heavy alcohol users Vs. Addicts – Stress response by Adi Jaffe Posted Wed 04 Jan 2012 10:10am I can’t even count how many times I’ve talked about the difference between alcohol or drug users and alcoholics or addicts (see here , here , and here for some examples and keep reading). The quick summary: Many people use drugs and many abuse them at times, a small percentage meet criteria for addiction at some point in their life and an even ... Read on »
Mayo Clinic Looking into Autonomic Response to Concussion by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert Posted Fri 14 Jun 2013 7:37am Reblogged from The Concussion Blog: Neurologists at Mayo Clinic in Arizona have taken a promising step toward identifying a test that helps support the diagnosis of concussion. Their research has shown that autonomic reflex testing, which measures involuntary changes in heart rate and blood pressure, consistently appear to de ... Read on »
Personal Responsibility: A Thorny Issue in Healthcare Transformation by Steve Beller Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 24 Sep 2009 10:10pm In my last post— Criteria for a Sustainable Health System —Cindy Weinmann made this excellent comment about personal responsibility. Principles are interesting and to an extent transparent to systems. But focusing on individual responsibility has to take into account societal context of that responsibility. Want people to eat better diets an ... Read on »
Patient-Centered Life-Cycle (PCLC) Value Chain--Process Reform: Universal Health Coverage and Personal Responsibility by Steve Beller Doctor of Philosophy Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 6:27pm Having affordable insurance and comprehensive coverage is a cornerstone of the PCLC Value Chain. Nevertheless, one of the issues generating the greatest debate concerns universal health coverage (i.e., healthcare for all), along with the related issue of "personal responsibility." The argument tends to center on whether the young and the health ... Read on »
Media Psychology: What It Is and Why You Should Care by Dr. Erik G. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Tue 15 Jun 2010 9:21am What is media psychology? It’s a field with no consensus definition, no clearly-defined career paths, and no easy answers. In spite of that, it can add value anywhere human behavior intersects media technologies. Here’s why: Media technologies are everywhere People of all ages use media technologies a lot Young peo ... Read on »
Sudden Loss Syndrome by Dr. Rob Dobrenski Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 8:08am There's an article in the Boston Globe that discusses an increase in wealthy clients seeking therapy as they battle the anxieties around our current financial crisis: "With the sinking stock market and hordes of rich, angry investors, psychologists have a new diagnosis: sudden loss syndrome. And therapists are increasingly busy trying to remed ... Read on »
Worthiness, Socialized Medicine, and Individual Responsibility by Steve Beller Doctor of Philosophy Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 6:27pm My last post examined the questions: Who is worthy of having adequate health insurance and high-value (safe, cost-effective) care; what makes them deserving? And who, on the other hand, is unworthy; what makes them undeserving? I linked to this post on another forum, which led to an interesting conversation about personal responsibility. Follow ... Read on »
A Response to Machery's Response by Gualtiero P. Patient Expert Posted Wed 28 Jul 2010 8:39am The latest issue of BBS includes a précis of Edouard Machery's Doing Without Concepts —the book that boldly argues that the term "concept" should be eliminated from psychology.  The fourth tenet of Machery's Heterogeneity Hypothesis (HH) proposes that prototypes, exemplars, and theories —three types of concept —are used in distinct cogniti ... Read on »