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I Never Thought This Could Happen To Me by Mrs. Darling . Patient Expert Posted Tue 24 Aug 2010 12:00am Dear Readers, If you have been following this blog the last couple of weeks you will have read only two entries. If you read those entries and if you have battled blood sugar like I have then you might have seen this post coming! If you saw the end result of those two entries then you are smarter and more in tune with your body than I am! ... Read on »
Sweet and Savoury by Susan Posted Fri 26 Mar 2010 5:16pm Aaaaand I’m back! ;) Contrary to popular belief, healthy living bloggers are not super-human. That includes ditching my nightly rambles for SLEEP. And to pack a day’s worth of food and a gym bag (which, bytheway, takes close to 30 minutes each night). You didn’t miss much yesterday, except for possibly the best turkey burger I’ve ever had a ... Read on »
GVHD of the Mouth (Day 192) by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Thu 13 Aug 2009 7:50pm 2 Comments There are small bumps that appear on the roof of my mouth. They seem to move around every 12 to 24 hours. Can you see what looks like a small blister on the left side of my mouth (it's on the right side of the picture in the middle)?Last night there was one about the same size on the other side (see the red spot in the below picture?). ... Read on »
No My Husband Doesn't Beat Me! by Princess Lupus Posted Tue 28 Jun 2011 11:33pm My arm on a regular day. Specifically 5/11/2011 Also 5/11/2011, it's really hard to take pictures of your own body! My arm on 5/13/2011  Also 5/13/2011 The bruises on my arms are normal in that I have them almost all the time. T ... Read on »
Tour Divide 2012. Day 7 and 8. Kiwis are coming! And if you go fast enough you don't feel the bumps. by Jarral R. Posted Sat 14 Jul 2012 12:48am Elevation Profile Day 7. The Kiwis are coming! Well before the race I came across a blog by one Ollie Whalley. A friend from Christchuch NZ sent a link to a guy's blog who had done the New Zealand Brevet. Brevet is what they call these long rides like the tour Divide. But I think they are officially not races--you ... Read on »
2010 Maple Grove Half-Marathon Race Recap by Chelsea B. Posted Tue 25 May 2010 2:20pm On Saturday, I ran my first half-marathon.  (I never thought I’d be able t ... Read on »
Crossing Fingers ...No Platelets Needed by Moshura's Sister Patient Expert Posted Tue 26 Jan 2010 12:00am Yesterday, Medicated Man invited Marco to go fishing and Marco agreed. So after sitting in his fishing chair and taking in the sun. They didn't even get a damn nibble on the line. So about 12:00 o'clock I called Marco to see if he had caught something for dinner yet and he replied with " You better have Red Barron Pizza on speed dial" ...I wa ... Read on »
Using Malaria Medication for Leg Cramps is Risky by FDA Posted Thu 08 Jul 2010 7:39am Printer-friendly PDF (324 KB) People who use the drug Qualaquin to treat or prevent nighttime leg cramps may be at risk for serious and life-threatening reactions, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Qualaquin (quinine sulfate) is FDA-approved only to treat a certain type of m ... Read on »
Feeling Down by Kelly Patient Expert Posted Fri 13 Feb 2009 4:50pm Down on neutrophils that is. Today my neutrophil count was still zero, and even my doctors are a bit surprised. They had hoped for some increase by now. There are medications that can be given to help boost neutrophils, but I'm told that with my type of leukemia, they are not recommended because they could also "boost" any hidden cancer cells as ... Read on »
How Much Do You Use the Health Care System? by Ronni B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 26 Aug 2009 10:46pm EDITORIAL NOTE:The monthly Gay and Gray column, which is written by Jan Adams, who also blogs at Happening Here, is on hiatus this month. It will return toward the end of September. One of President Obama's health care reform goals is to reduce waste and unnecessary spending. Due to the high number of medical-related lawsuits in the U.S. a ... Read on »