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The Thighs the Limit by TheCrazyFat Posted Wed 02 May 2012 10:25pm It takes me about 35 minutes to walk home from work, up a rather steep hill.  I don't mind the walk, it's scenic and ensures that I get a modicum of exercise in my day, but never. ever. do this walk in a skirt. Tonight, after two drinks and bites of several unhealthy foods I felt guilty and decided to walk home.  In a pencil skirt.  Without ti ... Read on »
Rheumatoid Arthritis Rash by awesome Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 11 Jan 2010 6:00am Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the joints. In people with rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system produces white blood cells that attack the synovium, a lining of tissue that surrounds the joint. (See Rheumatoid Arthritis Overview.) This causes inflammation and makes the joint swollen and painful. It can cause swel ... Read on »
Inner Thigh Rash by Shilah C. Azib Posted Sat 30 Jan 2010 9:45am What causes of inner thigh rash? Rashes on any part of the body create a feeling of uneasiness for the individual. There are many types of rashes. The cause of the inner thigh rash is the fungal infection called as Jock Itch or tinea cruris. This particular fungal infection is found in the groin region of the human body. For the gro ... Read on »
Rashes by Andrea Fabry Patient Expert Posted Mon 06 Dec 2010 10:00am Rashes are a daily part of our lives now. We've grown accustomed to them. They began when we were in our home and have stayed with us. In fact, they've escalated since leaving our toxic home. This makes sense since the skin offers an easy exit for toxins. Here's an example of one that emerged for one of the kids soon after we began our detox p ... Read on »
Tour Divide 2012. Day 7 and 8. Kiwis are coming! And if you go fast enough you don't feel the bumps. by Jarral R. Posted Sat 14 Jul 2012 12:48am Elevation Profile Day 7. The Kiwis are coming! Well before the race I came across a blog by one Ollie Whalley. A friend from Christchuch NZ sent a link to a guy's blog who had done the New Zealand Brevet. Brevet is what they call these long rides like the tour Divide. But I think they are officially not races--you ... Read on »
Can You Spot-Reduce Your Thighs? [Learning to love the body I've got thanks to dubious science and the Internet!] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Sun 16 Jan 2011 6:34pm Leave it to an incorporeal computer to give me a reality check about my body. Somewhere Isaac Asimov is smiling. But just as the Internet giveth, so does the Internet taketh away... and now I'm just confused. Every woman has a body part that she just doesn't like much. (Strike that - while most women do, I imagine there are some who lo ... Read on »
Postpartum Weight Loss- Spot Reducing Thighs by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Wed 20 Jan 2010 5:57pm To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I’m really dissatisfied with the fat on my thighs.  Is there such a thing as spot reducing my thighs with miracle creams…or do I have to get on a stairmaster?” From Sara of Fit by Sara: “If you’re looking to get rid of fat on your thighs, miracle creams won’t do the trick long term.  Creams can reduce the “appearanc ... Read on »
MARCH MADNESS & APRIL FOOLS.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Fri 07 Aug 2009 12:13pm March Madness leads to.... April Fools Yes, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament remains the most exciting sports event of the year and April Fools Day remains the preeminent hoaxing jokester day of the year. April Fools Day is observed in many countries with many variations on the theme, but with a hoax of some type ... Read on »
ARE YOU & YOUR PETS READY? by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 01 Apr 2012 12:00am What's that???  Oh, no, it's a tick!  And this is only March!  This past winter was, by all accounts, a much milder one than most throughout much of the USA.  As a result, springtime seemed to arrive somewhat sooner as well.  We've all enjoyed the early blooming flowers but, it has also has become evident that we're going to be experienci ... Read on »