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Target your heart rate. by Tara Posted Wed 07 Apr 2010 12:00am You're probably quite familiar with your ticker. It pumps blood throughout your body, it flutters when you fall in obviously keeps you alive. Some, unfortunately, are better than others so if you have issues with yours I urge you to consult with a physician before taking any of the advice below to (pardon the pun) heart. That said ... Read on »
Calculating Target Heart Rate - the formula by Jenny W. Patient Expert Posted Sun 11 Jan 2009 5:39pm I have to be truthful. I seem to have been born with a fuzzy math gene and tend to stay away from math problems. I did this calculation last week for the first time in my online fitness class at BSU. I have seen the formula before, but have always taken the lazy path of letting my gadgets do the math work for me. So basically I let the Garmi ... Read on »
Target Heart Rate Calculator by Deni P. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:03am How hard are you really working out?  Monitoring your heart rate during any given exercise not only will help you maximize your workout but may in fact serve as a warning against overexertion.  Use the calculator below to determine your maximum heart rate and target heart rate range. Now that you have calculated what your target heart rate zon ... Read on »
What's Your Target Heart Rate? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Wed 10 Jun 2009 12:09am San Francisco Chiropractor and Fitness Buff Comments: I wrote recently about a review of medical studies that show a direct correlation between  Cardiorespiratory Fitness (CRF) and mortality.  Bottom line: The healthier your heart is the longer you will live. Well...this is a pretty good reason to know what your target heart rate  is ... Read on »
Target heart rate training (guest post) by Carla B. Patient Expert Posted Thu 29 Jul 2010 1:00am What is my target and maximum heart rate, and why should I care? When I go to the gym, the cardio machines always have this nifty little chart that shows what your “fat-burning” and “cardio” heart rate zones are. When I first started out on my weight loss journey, I ignored this chart. However, as I’ve delved into fitness a little more, I’ ... Read on »
What Should Your Target Heart Rate Be? by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Sep 2010 9:32am < p>When you choose to embark on a new exercising regimen, it is necessary to know your focus on soul charge.  This charge might be described as the ideal range of cardiovascular pace reached in the course of physical activity.  It is essential to comprehend this range as it may help you stay wholesome and well even though y ... Read on »
Target Heart Rate: An Updated Formula for Women by Tara Posted Thu 08 Jul 2010 12:00am Back in April, I gave you an equation that could be used to determine your individual target heart rate. At right, you see the first portion of that equation. Recent research coming out of Northwestern University in Chicago suggests that the numbers need to be adjusted slightly to accommodate the difference between men and women. According t ... Read on »
Target Heart Rate: Why its important & how to calculate it by Tara B. Patient Expert Posted Tue 31 Jan 2012 10:28am Today’s T word is: Target Heart Rate Target Heart Rate is defined as: Optimum heart rate at which person should train in order to achieve desired results. The target heart rate zone is often expressed as a percentage of your maximum heart rate and is usually between 75% and 85% of MHR depending on your goals and fitness level. I l ... Read on »
Target Heart Rate by adailydoseofdieting Posted Sat 21 Aug 2010 12:00am Curious what yours is? Click HERE to find out Thanks! and in case you aren't sure how to find your heart rate.. How to take your pulse 1. Place the tips of your index, second, and third fingers on the palm side of your other wrist, below the base of the thumb. Or, place the tips of your index and second fingers on y ... Read on »
The Truth About Target Heart Rate Zone Training by PJ S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 12 Apr 2010 10:43am If you've used any piece of traditional cardiovascular equipment (treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, steppers, etc), you've undoubtedly seen the little graphs and charts on the ... Information dedicated to enhancing the fitness, fat loss and performance of REAL WORLD Adults! Read on »