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Racquetball/Squash Tips - Rules by RacquetballTeam .. Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 1:33pm Call a 'hinder.' If your opponent blocks you from getting to the ball, call a 'hinder' and the point is played again (or lost if the player failed to move). Coin toss. Before the game, toss a coin. The winner of the coin toss gets to decide if they want to serve or receive first. No switching. You can't switch racket hands to hit a ball. ... Read on »
Rules rules and more rules by Gertrude Patient Expert Posted Thu 23 Oct 2008 1:38pm So Paramedic SuperMonkey has posted his rules (or things his patients should know)and invited people to respond with their own. I thought I would make a post of it. Thanks SuperMonkey for kicking my writers block in the teeth! Rule NUMERO UNO! All life threatening emergencies come first. I don't care about your stubbed toe from 1962 or your ... Read on »
FDA Rule Regarding Medical Device Data Systems Takes Effect–MMDS (Medical Device Data Systems) Rule For Class 1 Devices by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 19 Apr 2011 9:20pm Under the rule IT companies now need to register healthcare hardware devices that transmit data and this can be a small blood pressure device or a larger imaging devices.  The Class 1 rule is for devices that don’t affect a patient’s care, like an automated IV machine as an example that dispenses medications and reports data as that’s a higher ... Read on »
GOODBYE DEAFREAD:Rules are Rules-Bookmark Me by Jodi Cutler Del Dottore Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 19 Nov 2008 7:11am It is with great pride and nostalgia that I must bid a fond farewell to I have recently been invited to collaborate with Cochlear, Italy to create a blog written in Italian (God help me) focusing on parent support regarding issues in Deafness. While I have been granted freedom in choosing topics, arguments and methodologies for cre ... Read on »
Nope, nope, absolutely not. Rules are rules. by Matthew Z. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 2:56pm In the last six months, 18 year-old Leanna Elizalde has undergone two cancer surgeries followed by radiation therapy. As she struggled through cancer treatments, she attempted to keep up with her schoolwork -- and for the most part she succeeded. However, the end of the school year finds her a few credits short of qualifying for graduation. A few ... Read on »
Is This Just our Family Rule or an Everywhere Rule? by Meryl Patient Expert Posted Thu 11 Sep 2008 2:06am Ok, be honest, how many of you have at one time or another adapted the rules of a game so your young son/daughter would be able to master it a little bit better? Or maybe you didn't change them so much as not understand them the same way your neighbors might have? Let me give you some example, let's take Mancala - one of my daughter's favorit ... Read on »
Court Says NYC's Calorie Count Rule Can Go Ahead After Officials Agree Not to Enforce The Rules Until July by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 02 Oct 2008 3:12pm Note from Connie: More news comes from New York about this new regulation requiring calorie information in restaurants with more than 15 sites. Jennifer brings you the details. After New York City officials agreed not to fine restaurant chains for failing to list calorie counts on their menus until July 18, a federal appeals court said the r ... Read on »