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3 quick ways to relax and de-stress by Misty G. Patient Expert Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 12:12pm As Ananga Sivyer says in her beautiful calm eBook that's free to download, there is a high-price for self-neglect. At some point, we have all pushed ourselves to the snapping point. Investing in ourselves, in self-care, in taking care of the little things. In doing what they tell you to on planes. That is, put your own oxygen mask on before you t ... Read on »
A quick way to tone your lower body at your desk by Misty G. Patient Expert Posted Tue 21 Apr 2009 12:12am I think I found the quickest way to tone our lower body sitting right at our desk! All you need is an office chair and 6-minutes! I just finished this quick Pilates workout and all I can say is if we did this exercise routine everyday, we would be lookin' and feelin' good ladies! Here's my thoughts on working out. I believe all of us have time ... Read on »
Mini mental vacation by Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D Doctor of Psychology Posted Sun 14 Sep 2008 5:29pm Here is a quick way to relax and refresh yourself - take a mini mental vacation. Close your eyes and take a nice deep breathe. Imagine yourself standing on your favorite beach. Create this image as vividly as possible. Pretend that you are really there. Pay attention to the colors around you - the blue sky, the brilliant turquoise water, ... Read on »
I am in love with Pamper Me Fabulous! by Misty G. Patient Expert Posted Wed 25 Mar 2009 4:25pm Hanging out in the cabanas! I'm on the left and my friend Lorrie is on the right. I have to say the Pamper Me Fabulous event I attended had me at "hello gorgeous" when we walked in. I thought now that is how you get ladies laughing, relaxed and ready to be pampered! Before I knew it, I was getting a Thai massage and had a girl on top of me wit ... Read on »
Poléo: The Meandering Ways of Wild Mint by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 27 Jun 2012 9:10pm Herbs of the Canyon: Poléo and the Grasshopper Mouse © Kiva Rose Poléo: The Meandering Ways of Wild Mint by Kiva Ringtail Rose Botanical Name: Mentha arvensis (often considered synonymous with M. canadensis) Common Names: Wild Mint, Corn Mint, Brook Mint, Horse Mint, Corn Mint Energetic Tendencies: Variable temperatu ... Read on »
Dr Liz Miller's Ten Quick Tips for Anxiety by Dr. Liz Miller Medical Doctor Posted Fri 23 Jan 2009 6:25pm Dr Liz Miller’s Ten Quick Tips for Dealing with Anxiety 1) Recognise the symptoms of anxiety 2) Find the cause and start on the problems 3) Exercise 4) Breathing and relaxation therapies 5) Eat a healthy diet 6) Avoid food and chemicals that are bad for you 7) Talk to people 8) Talk to yourself as you would your best ... Read on »
5 Quick Ways to Stop Back Pain… by Cecil M. Health Maven Posted Fri 21 Jan 2011 10:33am Approximately 8 out of ten folks suffer from back pain.   Back pain can be excruciating and prevent you from doing simple things like playing catch with you children. Simple movements like getting dress can become a painful chore. Life is not meant to be this difficult and there are alternative approaches you can take for pain relief. ... Read on »
Relax And Lose Weight by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 17 Aug 2010 7:23pm Photo by Joe Shlabotnik Can losing weight be that simple? Can you lose weight by relaxing? Yes, it is possible to relax and lose weight. I am living proof. Have you ever taken a vacation where you indulged more than usual and lost weight? I have and several friends have relayed similar experiences. They ate more, dr ... Read on »
Relax….Just Do It! by Jenn Posted Wed 14 Dec 2011 12:57pm There is a shitload of information out there about how to run “correctly” and how to improve your times. Everything from shortening your stride and increasing turnover to doing less speed-work and longer endurance sessions. The one thing that is fairly consistent and has remained consistent for…well, forever…is to simply RELAX. I fi ... Read on »
6 Quick Ways to Relieve Stress by OCnaturaldoc Health Maven Posted Tue 24 Nov 2009 10:03pm The holiday season is officially ON! The stores are decorated and playing holiday music. The malls have already had their tree lighting ceremonies and Santa is set up for his yearly visits. Just the thought of this makes many people's shoulders raise, upper lips stiffen, and defensive driving techniques are cast to the wind. Many p ... Read on »