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Healthy Recipes on a Budget by Bill .. Posted Sat 11 Jun 2011 2:25am Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can no longer afford healthy food. It’s possible to eat nutritious food while pinching pennies. All you need are healthy recipes that you can make on a budget. While the thought of preparing delicious, healthy meals may seem daunting whe ... Read on »
On a Budget? Learn Cheap Ways to Be Healthy by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Wed 23 Feb 2011 3:46pm A CDC News Feature Anytime is a good time to save money, be healthy, and be informed. Making healthy choices can help prevent injury, disease, and disability. Stay healthy on the cheap by including smart choices that are low cost or free. Many are simple too. Quit smoking. Smoking is expensive, and that doesn’t ... Read on »
Mambo Sprouts Announces Healthy Recipe Contest by Pink Lemonade .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 12 May 2009 5:41pm Mambolicious Recipe contest promotes natural, organic foods Mambo Sprouts has opened its annual Mambolicious Healthy Recipe contest, calling for tasty original recipes featuring natural and organic products. The contest promotes natural ingredients and aims to get a wider audience involved in choosing ingredients that are both healthy and ec ... Read on »
5 Healthy and Quick Healing Foods Breakfasts by Shelley Alexander Posted Tue 05 Mar 2013 9:58pm One of the easiest things you can do to maintain good health is to start your day off right with a nutrient-rich, healing foods breakfast. Breakfast means to break the fast. At night while you sleep your body fasts, repairs, and rebuilds itself. In the morning, your body needs to replenish and recharge with nutrients that provide nourishment an ... Read on »
Vegan on the Cheap Great Recipes and Simple Strategies that Save You Time and Money by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 26 May 2010 9:39am Vegan on the Cheap Great Recipes and Simple Strategies that Save You Time and Money You don’t have to blow your budget to eat great meatless and dairy-free meals every day. With Vegan on the Cheap, you can enjoy delicious vegan meals every day of the week. Veteran food writer and ... Read on »
Quick & Healthy: Black Bean and Pumpkin Veggie Burgers by The Picky Eater Posted Sat 26 Mar 2011 12:00am It’s no secret that I adore veggie burgers. I just love all of the different flavors and ingredients you can pack into one delicious burger – it’s the perfect combination of health and comfort food. Yes – health and comfort food go together! I’m always on the lookout for new veggie burger recipes, even though I’ve already made quit ... Read on »
Healthy Living: This Autumn/Fall thinking healthier habits by Mary .. Patient Expert Posted Thu 10 Sep 2009 10:04pm Diet food: Eating healthy and keeping yourself slim Recession has been with us for a year now but although recession left households without extra money to enjoy like they would like it brought together a period of eating cheaper and eating cheaper is not always eating badly. What I have seen even myself doing is adding on more of vege ... Read on »
Recipe Review from Reader Kaki by Andra R. Posted Fri 04 Mar 2011 12:00am A few weeks ago, when the lovely Andra offered a copy of the Light Issue of Martha Stewart Everyday Food to a reader in exchange for cooking and blogging one of the recipes, I jumped at the offer. I’m not sure the blog had even been posted for twenty minutes before I responded, so I should probably start this guest blog post with an apology to a ... Read on »
Using iPhone for Weight Loss by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Thu 06 Aug 2009 10:12pm For those who are determined to lose weight, you can use your iPhone to achieve your fitness goals. Aside from communication and entertainment, iPhone can also help people in losing weight. eHow suggests 3 ways to lose weight using your iPhone. 1. Without iPhone Apps Handy features that your iPhone already has can help you keep trac ... Read on »
30 Incredible iPad Apps for Weight Loss by Mark .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 17 Dec 2010 7:08am This post is republished by permission of Andrea Carter from Losing weight is an ongoing battle for many, but thanks to handy tools like the iPad, you can take your plan with you wherever you go. This weeds out the excuses for those who travel and are short on time for devoting to grocery shopping, calorie cou ... Read on »