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SPOTLIGHT CASE AND COMMENTARY: Dangerous Dialysis by Healthcare Research & Quality Posted Fri 15 Oct 2010 5:00am Dangerous Dialysis Commentary by Jean L. Holley, MD List common errors that occur in dialysis units. Describe steps that can be taken by dialysis units to prevent these common errors. Describe the role of the dialysis unit medical director in promoting patient sa ... Read on »
Meet Your New MD by Dr. J. Deane W. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Sun 22 Jul 2012 11:06pm Ignore the devious gamesmanship used to ram ACA down our throats. Wipe its unpopularity from your mind. Pay no attention to the egregious SCOTUS decision and its political ramifications. Temporarily forget the unconscionable spending , especially who gets the money and who does not. Focus all your attention on two ... Read on »
Quality Assurance (QA) + Falafel Marbles by SImply Pure Vegan + Baby Posted Sat 16 Apr 2011 6:37am Once again time has slipped me by… and I am okay with that and I hope you are too it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been cooking or writing it simply means I haven’t had that extra time to post it online… it will come and I make that promise to you. So one major addition I have made to my blog is adding a “print friendly” button… so y ... Read on »
CMS issues final rule for dialysis facility quality incentive program by savinglimbs Posted Fri 31 Dec 2010 12:00am The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued a final rule for the Quality Incentive Program that will establish performance standards for dialysis facilities and provide payment adjustments to individual End-Stage Renal Disease facilities based on how well they meet these standards. The final rule establishes the ESRD QIP perform ... Read on »
bedtime reading: quality of life of caregivers and patients on peritoneal dialysis by Dr. Donal O'Donoghue Patient Expert Posted Thu 28 May 2009 12:22am Quality of life of caregivers and patients on peritoneal dialysis Stanley Lin-sun Fan, Insara Sathick, Khadija McKitty and Sally Punzalan NDT Advance Access published online on January 8, 2008 Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, doi:10.1093/ndt/gfm830 "Peritoneal dialysis is the archetypal home-based therapy and is often favoured b ... Read on »
Kidney Care – what you told us by Dr. Donal O'Donoghue Patient Expert Posted Thu 28 May 2009 12:22am Kidney Care is a new NHS organisation that has been established to help deliver the goals of the NSF for Renal Services. I am sure I don’t need to remind readers of this blog that our NSF covers adults and children and aims to improve the experience and outcomes for all people at all stages of kidney disease. The NSF has set a high bar in a ... Read on »
No, being put on dialysis does not mean that the end is near! by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 25 Oct 2013 8:30pm First, one piece of factual information. I was put on dialysis in July 1997. Its about sixteen and a half years. I work full time. I swim every morning. I travel. I lead an almost normal life! And I do not intend to change this for some more time. I was shocked a few days back when I talked to the adult children of a 60-something year old la ... Read on »
Glass Capillary Arrays for Calibration, Validation, and Quality Assurance of Quantitative Measurements from Diffusion MRI Applic by Posted Mon 09 Apr 2012 12:00am Description of Invention: NIH scientists have developed a tool for calibration and quality assurance for diffusion MRI applications. These Glass Capillary Arrays (GCAs) allow reliable means for instrument calibration and data measurement validation of various MRI scanning parameters. A variety of GCA conformations is availab ... Read on »
Patient Quality Assurance by Dr. Ian Furst Doctor of Dentistry Posted Fri 03 Oct 2008 12:44pm Two weeks ago we instituted a quality assurance program at our clinic for patient/referring office complaints. Normally, when someone complained we had whoever received the call deal with it and if they couldn't the complaint escalated up the ladder. The piece of the puzzle that was missing was how often people complained. For all I knew ... Read on »
Transcript for November 4, 2011 National Mammography Quality Assurance Advisory Committee Meeting by FDA Posted Thu 08 Dec 2011 12:00am November 4, 2011: Meeting Materials (FDA Generated) ... Read on »