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Honey Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Thu 22 Oct 2009 10:01pm Autumn won’t be the same without pumpkins and they have quite a lot of uses at this time of the year. Aside from carving them or cooking them for your special pumpkin recipe, you can also put them on your skin. Whether fresh or cooked, pumpkins are rich in vitamins C, E and A, alpha and beta-carotene, lutein, potassium and zinc. Because of th ... Read on »
Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin!!!! by chelseywalton Posted Sun 30 Sep 2012 12:37pm Why Pumpkin? Pumpkin is a yummy fall flavor but it also has great nutritional benefits as well. Pumpkin is a vegetable that is chocked full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Along with any other orange, red or yellow vegetable or fruit it is full of Carotenoids. This is an antioxidant that makes Vitamin A in your body. It is a ... Read on »
Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!!! by Jennifer Patient Expert Posted Thu 23 Apr 2009 5:28pm One of my favorite things about fall is winter squash (which includes pumpkins, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, acorn squash, etc). Not only does the winter squash “family” taste good, it’s also good for you! Winter squash is extremely high in vitamin A and antioxidants, and is a great source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber. So I s ... Read on »
Pumpkin, Pumpkin, PUMPKIN by Carmen Patient Expert Posted Wed 20 Oct 2010 7:19am There are more questions and answers ahead. I'm taking a teeny break in order to wrap up a previous question. Man, y'all are PUMPKIN FANS. So am I - last night, I made two loaves of pumpkin bread AND a pumpkin pie. And thanks SO much for the recommendation of Edy's pumpkin ice cream. I JUST bought new jeans and I'd like to be able to ... Read on »
How to turn your pumpkin carving fun into a delicious, nutritious snack with roasted pumpkin seeds! by Sukie B. Posted Thu 04 Nov 2010 8:02pm Usually when carving up your annual jack-o-lantern, you probably scoop out the pumpkin “innards” and toss the whole kit and caboodle, saving only the shell on which to practice your artistic prowess.  But did you know that inside all that goop is a highly nutritious and extremely tasty snack? While most pumpkins grown for carving aren’ ... Read on »
The Fruit of Their Labor- Elementary School Students in Boulder Enjoy Pumpkin Muffins Made with Pumpkins from their Very Own Gar by Ann C. Posted Mon 06 Dec 2010 7:33pm By: Sunny Young, Blogger “And guess what is SO special about the pumpkin we are using to make these muffins today…” said Michele Bailey, director and founder of the Garden Club at a local Boulder, Colorado Elementary school, “…These pumpkins came from our garden!” This announcement was fo ... Read on »
Traditional Pumpkin Whoopies & Vegan Pumpkin Whoopies by Camilla S. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 04 Oct 2010 9:52pm Happy Monday, everyone! I can hardly believe it's already day four of October, but I am savoring the changing leaves, cooler weather, and Nick's growing (and gleeful) anticipation of Halloween. His choice of costume keeps changing, but "scary dragon" is the choice du jour. However, when I told him, "No, we cannot make the costume breathe fire," ... Read on »
Mini Review of MyChelle Dermaceuticals: Pumpkin by Mayaari Posted Wed 18 Mar 2009 12:00am MyChelle Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser (2.1 oz; 4.4 oz also available) regularly $9.66, on sale through March 31 for $8.21 -- also available at Whole Foods, Wegmans, and natural/health food stores Description: [from product page] Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser is a creamy gentle cleanse(r) with pumpkin extract and honey enzymes, to dissolve and softe ... Read on »
Pumpkin Muffins With Pumpkin Seed Streusel Topping by Charmaine Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 17 Nov 2008 11:50pm It's October...what else would I post but a pumpkin recipe! These pumpkin muffins have no gluten, eggs, dairy, or nuts, and can be made free of soy by using safe oil and spectrum shortening instead of margarine. The streusel topping is sooo yummy...sweet, salty, spicy, and "nutty" (because they are not actually "nuts", they are seeds. You get it, ... Read on »
Rich Chocolate-Pumpkin Cake w/ Pumpkin Frosting by Ashley M. Posted Sun 01 Nov 2009 12:00am What else can you make with your freshly-roasted pumpkin puree ? Cake, of couse! Warning: If you're a (never home)maker . . . this recipe is rather time intensive. It's well worth the effort, but it isn't something you'll find yourself making on a Tuesday night. Now, I make lots of cupcakes and cookies, but only rarely work with ... Read on »