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Swine Flu Vaccine More Cons Than Pros???? by debstake Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:02pm I have been asked by my best friend to write a blog post on the swine flu vaccine. She asked that I include the data to support the position of not getting the vaccine. She also asked that I supply my opinion on this vaccine. The latter is going to be so very easy. The former is what I will deal with first though. I will begin with the ... Read on »
Women Beginning to Reject Eugenic Abortion by Wesley J. Smith Patient Expert Posted Tue 23 Dec 2008 9:14pm Here's a little good news out of Scotland. Women whose fetuses test positive for Down syndrome are increasingly rejecting abortion. From the story: More babies are being born with Down's syndrome than before pre-natal screening for the disorder was introduced at the end of the 1980s, it was revealed yesterday. Parents appear more ... Read on »
Eugenics Lives by Ashley's Mom Patient Expert Posted Sat 13 Jun 2009 12:24am I can't even come up with any words to describe the atrocity discussed in the article below. Italy Investigates Botched Abortion of Healthy Twin, Disabled Brother Lives by Steven Ertelt Editor August 27, 2007 Rome, Italy -- Officials in Italy are investigating a botched abortion done on twin brothers where the he ... Read on »
UK Govt. Fights to Keep Eugenic Abortion Information Safely Sealed Away by Wesley J. Smith Patient Expert Posted Thu 19 Feb 2009 6:05pm Pro lifers in the UK are seeking transparency--that's the big new buzz word, isn't it?-- about eugenic abortion in the UK, and apparently the government is trying to squelch the news. From the story: They have accused officials of using restrictions that are more heavy-handed than those used in terrorist trials, to exclude them from a tribunal wh ... Read on »
Does Autism Speaks Support Autism Eugenics? Autism Speaks' Eugenic Agenda by Ginger T. Patient Expert Posted Thu 11 Sep 2008 8:03pm Whose Planet is it Anyway has called our attention to some truly upsetting information about Autism Speaks associations. I have repeatedly mentioned that if AS is successful in their autism gene search before treatment options are fully developed, that the "Cure" for autism will become the same as the "Cure" for Downs Syndrome. Abortion. ... Read on »
Scientometrics — a contemporary Sword of Damocles hanging over biomedicine by Thomas S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 20 Jun 2010 4:40am Scientometrics is a Sword of Damocles hanging over anyone who wants to come to fame and fortune in the field of biomedicine. Coming of age (it’s exactly 50 years since Eugene Garfield started publishing Science Citation Index , now Web of Science ), methodologies for the alleged quantitative measurement of ’scientific excellence’ have prolifera ... Read on »
The Pros and Cons of Teen Partying by Vanessa Van Petten Patient Expert Posted Tue 29 Jul 2008 8:20am Shannon is a 16 year old from Maryland. She enjoys writing, is pro recycling, and loves the Jonas Brothers. Parties are a regular occurrence during the course of a teenager’s high school career. They typically involve bad DJing, a lot of red plastic cups, and plenty of people. They can be a lot of fun, but they can also have unfavorable en ... Read on »
Pros and Cons for Circumcision by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 07 Apr 2010 1:18am The decision of circumcision has always been an issue surrounded by controversy.  It factors on social, medical and religious rationales to making the decision as the medical community takes an impartial stand on whether to recommend or not recommend the procedure. What is Circumcision? Circumcision is a procedure in which the sk ... Read on »
Guest Post: The Pros and Cons of Legal Nurse Consulting by Stephen F. Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Thu 11 Nov 2010 3:47pm The Pros and Cons of Legal Nurse Consulting I’ve spent years pursuing different avenues in the health care industry. I spent my high school years studying to become a CAN, I was at one point a EMT, and I eventually turned to alternative practices like massage therapy, herbs and general fitness and nutrition. Not long ago, though, I heard a ter ... Read on »
The Pros and Cons of Body Vibration Machines by Marci L. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 30 Nov 2009 10:01pm Have you noticed the new body vibration platform devices? You’ve probably thought to yourself…” Woah, I just stand on it and I lose weight?” or “ Will this really help me reach my fitness goals?” Understanding its history, purpose, and pros and cons will clear up any confusion you may have about whole body vibration. The perception o ... Read on »