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Probiotic cheese boosts immune system of elderly by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 17 May 2010 12:00am A probiotic cheese can help preserve and enhance the immune system of the elderly by acting as a carrier for probiotic bacteria, according to scientists in Finland. The research, published in FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology, reveals that ... Read on »
Piece of cheese each day ' ... by John R. Posted Sat 15 May 2010 1:11am Piece of cheese each day 'helps protect the immune system of the elderly' I am prepared to believe anything good about cheese but must perforce note that this is mostly theory. See the rubric below A piece of cheese a day could keep the doctor away, research has found. Scientists say cheese can boost the immune system of the elderly b ... Read on »
Cheese can help you mature in good health by Barmac Posted Fri 21 May 2010 9:15am One of my favourite foods is cheese so it was nice to read that a piece of cheese a day could keep the doctor away, research has found. Apparently scientists have found that cheese can boost the immune system as a carrier for so called good bacteria and so they say that if you eat probiotic varieties of cheese which are available in healt ... Read on »
Natural Sources of Probiotics to Help Eczmea by Robyn A. Patient Expert Posted Tue 15 Sep 2009 10:30pm (This post is continued from my post yesterday on probiotics. If you missed it, this post won't make much sense until you read it!) Where Can I Get Probiotics Naturally Through Food? Probiotics are not just something you can get through supplements. In fact, they have really started to become trendy in some foods. Danactive and Activia yo ... Read on »
Allegro Cheese – My Review by Krista Patient Expert Posted Wed 20 Jan 2010 12:00am Recently I was the very lucky recipient of a box full of Allegro cheese for my family and I to sample. Over the past week we have had the pleasure of taste testing all 4 varieties. We tried each cheese “as is” as well as using it in sandwiches, salads, meals, etc. Below you will find the Krista’s Kraving’s households thoughts and opi ... Read on »
“The Conscious Cook’s” Herbed Cashew Cheese by kim g. Posted Tue 07 Sep 2010 12:35pm I’m a big fan of nut-based cheeses , and I’ve been wanting to try the recipe for herbed cashew cheese from “The Conscious Cook” for months now.  Since we were going to be hanging out with some dear friends over the Labor Day holiday, I finally decided to take the plunge this weekend and give it a shot.  While our friends aren’t vega ... Read on »
Cashewwwwww Cheese--Gesundheit!!! by Marie L. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 9:10pm Of course I am thinking I am sooo clever because Gesundheit means "health" in German. Ja! Sorry, the picture didn't turn out so great but the cheese DID. I scraped off some of the top so you can see what it should look like if you don't use seaweed. This stuff is milk-free and raw and full of beneficial bacteria, a.k.a. probiotics, mostl ... Read on »
It’s CHEESE made from NUTS by lisakthrives Posted Thu 20 May 2010 4:00am The Secret Almond Mission was my newest and (weirdest?) project yet. I turned Almonds into Cheese. The first step was to soak the almonds for 12-24 hours, and then take the peels off. See the result here. The second step was to blend the almonds in the blender with 1 clove of garlic, a few turns of the Himalayan salt grinder, repe ... Read on »
Why Aged Cheese is Good For You by lisakthrives Posted Sun 19 Feb 2012 7:52pm I had so many things planned to make/eat today.  But after breakfast, I realized there was no way I’d fit it all in. The thing about eating no grains and fewer carbs than the average person is that I’m full most of the time without eating large quantities of food. I decided I’d begin the discovery process of the elimination diet today– ... Read on »
Smoked Pine Nut Farmer's Cheese--Science Experiments in the Kitchen by DebinHawaii Posted Tue 09 Sep 2008 12:00am I made "cheese", well actually it isn't quite cheese, it is a "non-dairy cheese-like spread" or something similar to a Farmer's Cheese. (if you are not familiar with Farmer's Cheese it is a type of cottage cheese from which most of the liquid has been pressed. It usually has a tangy flavor and is firm enough to slice or crumble). Why am I ma ... Read on »