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November is Premature Baby Awareness Month by Glenna M. Posted Wed 11 Nov 2009 10:00pm   Photo from   Over 13 MILLION babies are born prematurely in the world every year with the highest preterm births in Africa and Asia.  600,000 of those babies are born the United States.  Rates of premature birth have risen 36% in the U.S. over the last 25 years. 28% of the 4 million neonatal deaths each year ar ... Read on »
Infant Reflexes by Cheri Fraker Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:07pm Infant Reflexes Reflexes are involuntary movements or actions. Some movements are spontaneous, occurring as part of the baby's usual activity. Others are responses to certain actions. Reflexes are markers that help identify normal brain and nerve activity. Some reflexes occur only in specific periods of development and then are integrated and ... Read on »
It is fascinating that infant mo ... by Nestor L. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 12 Nov 2009 10:52am It is fascinating that infant movements can serve as a window into their developing brain. Numerous studies have shown that the quality of infant movements, especially among premature babies, strongly predicts whether the infant will have motor and neurological problems. The basic idea is that in normal development, infants move in very predict ... Read on »
On Prematurity by NicoleD Posted Wed 27 Feb 2013 11:17am Recently I had a client, who I will call K, call me late one night. She was not the client I was expecting to hear from, just a few days earlier I had received her retainer for my services and I had another client who was 'overdue' and getting some labor action. I fully anticipated another woman on the other end of the line when I picked ... Read on »
6 Life-Changing Lessons Learned in 6 Months of Raising 3 Babies by Anastasiya Goers Patient Expert Posted Mon 14 Dec 2009 1:00am This is a guest post by Charley Forness from You, Simplified and Scribe for the Tribe. You can also follow Charley on Twitter Six months ago, my life changed dramatically from that of a self-absorbed goal-seeking machine to a father of baby premature triplets, born at 27 weeks gestation. They were all very tiny, born at two pounds o ... Read on »
Babies Act their Age not their Weight! by HUG Your Baby Patient Expert Posted Mon 14 Sep 2009 2:52pm Rhonda and Frank brought in their 5-day-old son, Joey. They were worried. Though Joey weighed 7 pounds at birth, he was born at 35-weeks gestation (five weeks early). The hospital was slam full on his birthday, but since Joey "looked good," he was sent off to the full-term nursery. The lactation consultant had watched him nurse for a few m ... Read on »
Prematurity Awareness and what it is all about... by Michele Tomecko Posted Thu 17 Nov 2011 9:33am This month is all about Prematurity Awareness and today is World Prematurity Awareness Day... I could write a book about what this is all about... Prematurity is all about being cheated out of a full 40 weeks of know, the part of the pregnancy where women complain about...yeah...thats the part prematurity skips...I always ... Read on »
The World's Most Premature Surviving Baby Boy by BreastFeedingMums .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Mar 2010 12:00am I've just been reading this wonderful story in today's Daily Mail about the world's most premature surviving baby boy. It's such a wonderful result for his parents and all his caregivers who worked so long and hard to help this little man :)  Sometimes I reallly do feel blessed that we live in such a technological age... ... Read on »
The Holiday Blues & Give 'til It Hurts by Selena Facebook Posted Mon 29 Nov 2010 2:43am Image via Wikipedia In my post The Holiday Blues & What You Can Do , one of the holiday coping strategies I suggested was: Tap into the spirit of the season: share your time, talents and unwanted items, volunteer with your church or local non-profit Now perhaps you are mostly home-bound like me and thinking to yourself, 'How in the wo ... Read on »
Like a Baby by harpangel36 Posted Fri 07 Aug 2009 7:15pm Many times our premature babies forget to breathe.We call it "apnea of prematurity". Breathing is a natural thing, but these babies are immature and when they stop breathing (go apneic), the alarms go off and we walk over and stimulate them. Pat them on the back, rub their feet, (sometimes a little more convincing is needed). And they take a deep ... Read on »