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Pregnant women CAN drink a ... by John R. Posted Mon 19 Aug 2013 7:54pm Pregnant women CAN drink alcohol and coffee, claims controversial new book that aims to dispel 'motherhood myths' Pregnant women can drink alcohol and coffee and dye their hair – but should avoid gardening, according to an expert who  aims to dispel ‘motherhood myths’.  Economist and author Emily Oster contradicts conventional wisdom and a ... Read on »
Could a tipple in pregnancy ... by John R. Posted Sun 05 Jan 2014 7:46am Could a tipple in pregnancy be good for baby? Study suggests mothers-to-be who drink lightly have better adjusted children Mothers-to-be who indulge in a light tipple actually go on to have better adjusted children than those who abstain, a study has claimed. Advice on drinking in pregnancy has varied from a complete ban to moderate consu ... Read on »
Eating Healthy During Pregnancy by Melissa M. Posted Tue 02 Dec 2008 10:41am 1 Comment Do I really need to "eat for two?" While you are pregnant, you will need additional nutrients to keep you and your baby healthy. But, that does not mean you need to eat twice as much. You should only eat an extra 300 calories per day. A baked potato has 120 calories. So getting these extra 300 calories doesn't take a lot of food. Make su ... Read on »
Tea's good for you, says n ... by John R. Posted Fri 18 Jun 2010 11:14pm Tea's good for you, says new study I am almost at a loss for words to describe this deceptive crap. The only important finding of the study is only obliquely alluded to: That both tea and coffee drinking have NO effect on your lifespan -- one way or the other. As you will see from the abstract that I have also reproduced below: "Neithe ... Read on »
Sunday Night Roundup by Sara T Posted Sun 22 Jul 2012 7:12pm 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol , though the numbers may skew higher if you’re pregnant while on MTV Inactivity is killing people as much as smoking , I am now writing from a treadmill Whooping cough cases in America are rising at an alarming rate , I wish there was a vaccine for bad decisions Outer space smells weird .  Ho ... Read on »
Stop Drinking Alcohol Techniques by wilfred Posted Fri 14 Aug 2009 10:57pm Techniques in Beating Alcoholism Planning in giving up the habit of drinking and doing the necessary and all the right techniques to stop drinking alcohol will be the topic for today’s article. Sorry for the delay of posting as I have helped a close friend in convincing his father to stop drinking alcohol. The father has been hooked to alcohol ... Read on »
Must know Health tips for pregnant women by rajesh moganti Posted Mon 16 Nov 2009 10:01pm This post is for pregnant women regarding their nutrition and health. They have to be so cautious about their health considering the dependence of baby in their womb.  Here are some important points that must be noted by a pregnant woman. 1)They have to take healthy foods and be conscious on what they eat and drink. Some things to h ... Read on »
Alcohol reduces IVF success By Ben Jones by SouadDreyfus Patient Expert Posted Sun 22 Nov 2009 10:02pm Now this shouldn't be new news, however, it's always good to be reminded! ~Souad A study conducted by researchers at the Harvard Medical School, US, has suggested that consumption of alcohol may be detrimental to chances of success in IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatment. Consumption of just six units of alcohol a week by both p ... Read on »
Caring for You and your Baby during your Pregnancy by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Posted Thu 10 Oct 2013 11:10am Caring for you and your baby during your pregnancythe period from conception to birth “It is my aim to provide the guidance, information and reassurance that each woman needs to enable her to feel completely comfortable in making the pregnancy choices and decisions that are right ... Read on »
How to choose the best diet for pregnant women by rita359 Posted Sun 21 Oct 2012 5:40am The saying “you should eat for two”, which our grandmothers used to say to pregnant women is not the best advice for expectant ladies as it turns out. Rather so, it is very important to follow a healthy diet for pregnant women, not only for you but for the developing new life in you. The calories sufficient for your baby’s proper development ... Read on »