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Prednisolone by Rich Posted Fri 30 May 2008 12:00am Here's a funny little drug. Its a corticosteroid, which means it can reduce inflammation in your body. I don't know why or how. I am currently tapering down a course of these, now on 5mg a day. This is the 4th course i've taken in 5 years. The first time they were pumped straight into my veins in great big doses, which I wa ... Read on »
Prednisolone burst. by meggzzie Patient Expert Posted Thu 01 Jul 2010 11:27am *grumbles* I hate pred. Don't get me wrong, I love that it does it's job. But I hate the side effects, like the insomnia (which I already have, so added with a 5 day pred increase to 30mg- which isn't the end of the world, but is higher than my maintenance 10mg- I'm probably gonna be a sleepless zombie for a few days) plus the potential threat ... Read on »
What Should I Treat It As? by sawling Medical Doctor Posted Wed 07 Jan 2009 6:03pm A young girl, just about 2 years old, presented to me with coryza, cough and fever for 1 day. Parents noted increasingly worsening noisy breathing for the past 1 day. When I met the girl, she has audible wheeze and mild stridor. She had some tracheal tugging, and mild intercostal recession. Her chest had some scattered wheeze, no crepitations. ... Read on »
Ode to a steriod. by meggzzie Patient Expert Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:14pm I've been put on a course of prednisolone. And all I can think about is the last time I was on it (albeit a much higher dose for a much longer period of time) my face puffed up and I looked like some sort of hamster with a big fat potato stuffed in each cheek. I looked through the instructions of the pred as I've never had the chance to before (a ... Read on »
Carbazitaxel extends survival in Taxotere-refractory patients with CRPC by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor Posted Thu 04 Mar 2010 12:00am According to a media release from Sanofi-Aventis early this morning, the second-generation taxane carbazitaxel, when given in combination with prednisone, is capable of extending median survival by 2.4 months compared to mitoxantrone + prednisone in prostate cancer patients who are refractory to docetaxel (Taxotere) chemothe ... Read on »
Re-emergence of anti-topoisomerase I antibody with exacerbated development of skin sclerosis in a patient with systemic sclerosi by Jan Posted Mon 01 Feb 2010 12:00am By Yasuhito Hamaguchi and Colleague Available online 6 September 2009. A 41-year-old woman had noticed sclerodactyly for 9 months before consultation. She was diagnosed as having diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis based on the skin sclerosis of her extremities and trunk and assessed by the modified Rodnan skin score method. Her an ... Read on »
I'm waiting for the man by Rich Posted Mon 30 Jun 2008 12:00am To begin with lets talk polyclinics. Following my whole-hearted backing of said clinics I went on to watch a news report that outlined how they are a part of the systematic disassembling of the NHS. The report suggested that they would work on a patient drop-in basis, with a high turnover of doctors, thus reducing waiting times and continuity si ... Read on »
Almost cut my hair. by Rich Posted Tue 28 Apr 2009 12:00am I should have phoned the hospital last friday. But, I didn't. I should have phoned the hospital yesterday. But, I didn't. I should have phoned them today. But, I haven't. Why? My, thankfully short-lived, drug-induced flare-up has settled down (touch wood. Not cloth.). My consultant wanted a week-on update from when I spoke to him mid-flare on ... Read on »
40 Yr Old Austrian Doing 2nd IVF: Use PICSI Or "Embryo Glue"? Antibiotics OK? by Edward Ramirez, MD Posted Wed 08 Jun 2011 8:30am QUESTION Dear Dr. Ramirez, my name is J. from Austria. I am 40 years old, have a failed 1.IVF (in vitro fertilization) this year (6 eggs, 4 fertilized, only 2 were transferred, because the other 2 arrested development before the transfer) , FSH of 10.6 mIU/mL, AMH of 0.8 ng/mL. My husband has anti-sperm antibody. So, we used ICSI (intra cy ... Read on »
Steroid Wars . . . by Ron Patient Expert Posted Thu 28 Mar 2013 7:11am Back in the early 90s Prednisolone tablets were on my repeat list and had been for some time. Stranded away from home for weeks – long story – my health deteriorated dramatically  and, in the absence of any overt symptoms, I started a course of Prednisolone, 30mg daily. My response was even more dramatic than my decline, and I improved ra ... Read on »