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Trick of the Trade: Seldinger chest tube technique using bougie by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Posted Tue 01 May 2012 6:00am A 40 year-old man presents with a traumatic hemopneumothorax. He weighs 400 pounds. Chest tubes can sometimes be challenge, especially for those with extra redundant tissue to tunnel through before reaching the intrathoracic cavity. You want to avoid placing the chest tube mistakenly in the subcutaneous space. How can you ensure that you ... Read on »
Is it really because of a hot fudge sundae? by Manda R. Patient Expert Posted Mon 17 Nov 2008 8:58pm Here in Michigan and I am sure in surrounding states, we had very nice spring weather on Friday and Saturday. We were very busy at the ice cream store. Any kind of warm weather brings EVERYBODY out. Although I enjoyed being busy, (my employees are on spring break for college, so it was just the hubby and I) I missed my kids. Friday, Jakob sle ... Read on »
The Tower of Terror....or, if you will, the journey of motherhood by Helene Patient Expert Posted Wed 20 May 2009 11:51am I belong to our local MOPS groups and I absolutely love it. I look forward to those meetings more than anything and not just because childcare is provided for a whole 2 hours (though that definitely is a perk, I won't lie) but also because I get to interact with other mothers, who also have young children. We're all experiencing very similar things ... Read on »
Is CCR Better Than CPR For Heart Attack Emergency? by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 3:05pm When one has heart attack (cardiac arrest), his or her chance of survival depends on whether there is qualified personnel around to help revive the heart. So how many methods can we used to revive the heart in case of emergency? The answer is 2: cardio-cerebral resuscitation (CCR) and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). ... Read on »
ICD-10 One of the Largest, Most Expensive and Riskiest Health IT Translations–Other Countries Use ICD Codes, But US Is the by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 25 Sep 2011 4:03pm I think the title here makes a real good point on data complexity and certainly other countries can learn from the US if they might have the same idea with using ICD codes for reimbursement…think about it and just look at the mess not to mention the huge expense the US it worth it…with economic times I would guess most other countries ... Read on »
I Feel Like a Normal Human Being Again by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 28 Dec 2012 11:00am It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here . I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading! My primal story starts ab ... Read on »
Allergic Reaction to Inhalers and Steroids by Cheri Fraker Posted Sun 21 Mar 2010 12:00am I had pneumonia the month of February. Unfortunately, another complication arose. I started having an allergic reaction to the inhalers (Albuterol) and later Xopenex. I decided to post some of the side effects. Keep these in mind for our patients who cannot always tell us how they feel. My reaction to Albuterol resulted in tachycardia, d ... Read on »
The Beginning....Infertility, my cross to bear.... by Helene Patient Expert Posted Fri 17 Apr 2009 12:30am I realize that I don't talk about my personal experience with infertility that often on my blog. I'm great at encouraging and supporting others on THEIR blogs but, on my own, well...that's just a whole 'nother story. I'm not sure why I don't write about the details, other than to say, even now 6 years later, sometimes it's still somewhat painful to ... Read on »
Tim Russert's Fatal Heart Attack Was Preventable, He Followed Antiquated Advice by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 3:02pm In this supercharged and oftentimes volatile political election year, something tragic and sudden struck this country and has everyone buzzing in Washington and across the United States. No, it wasn't some sex scandal, drug bust, or any of the other usual news that has become almost too commonplace these days. This was something much m ... Read on »
Kettlebell Pistol Squats for leg development and functional strength by Nathan D. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 5:48pm Training at home with kettlebells kicks ass! It really does. I mean think about. You workout in the privacy of your own how home without having to waste time travelling to and from the gym. It is free. You don't have all the losers and weirdos doing curls in the squat rack or screaming while lifting one hundred pounds off their chest. You don' ... Read on »