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Vales Emerald Potato Variety by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Tue 16 Feb 2010 3:00pm Vales Emerald is a popularhigh yieldingfirst early potato variety which tastes good.  Vales Emerald : produces a large number of new potatoes matures quickly making it a very early potato is a Maris Peer x Charlotte cross has red violet flowers   vales emerald potato seed Vales Emerald potato tubers are ... Read on »
Potato Varieties for Pots & Containers by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Mon 30 Mar 2009 3:02pm    new-potatoes-lifted There are many varieties of potatoes which are particularly suitable for growing in pots and containers. Growing your own potatoes is very satisfying, and does not depend on possessing a large vegetable garden. Salad potatoes grow well in containers. Choose an early variety of potatoes, as earlies grow we ... Read on »
Potato varieties and blight by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Fri 10 Jul 2009 10:00pm TopVeg has had several comments about the success of various potato varieties and the occurence of potato blight. Kerry has written in saying: hi my first crop of potato plants seem to have potato blight (i am only guessing from descriptions that i have read on various sites) i was wondering if any potatoes produced from this crop can be eat ... Read on »
Allan’s potato varieties by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Tue 21 Jul 2009 10:00pm Allan has reported on his potato varieties: Try Dunluce big crop of lovely tasting potatoes very early and can harvest early as news potatoes. Charlotte also retains its texture well as a salad potato but can reach a decent size without loosing flavour. red duke of your tastes good but not good boiling it as very floury and very susceptible ... Read on »
Mayan Potato Varieties on Offer by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Tue 06 Oct 2009 6:01pm Thompson & Morgan have a great offer for their Mayan potatoes. Mayan potatoes cook in a third less time than ‘conventional’ potatoes due to their delicate nature whilst preserving their perfect potato flavour. The collection comprises 3 Mayan potato varieties: Mayan Gold Mayan Queen Mayan Twilight Click the link for furth ... Read on »
Rooster Potato Variety by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Thu 07 Jan 2010 1:39am Rooster is a variety of potatoes which is becoming more & more popular. red skinned potato shallow eyes an all rounder- cook any way maincrop potato The Rooster was  ‘Best Fruit or Vegetable Product 2005′ Rooster is a versatile potato suitable for: Chips Mashing Roasting Baking  Find ou ... Read on »
Charlotte – early potato variety by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Tue 19 Jan 2010 1:44am Charlotte is a variety of potato which may be harvested early in the season. charlotte potato Charlotte: is a second early  – planted between February and May and harvested from July to October has moderate yields has uniform, pear shaped potatoes are smooth, yellow skinned potatoes has a hig ... Read on »
Jelly Potato Variety by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Fri 02 Mar 2012 4:23pm The Jelly potato variety is another example of a new variety which is exclusive & not available to the small home grower in the UK.   Jelly potatoes are exclusive to Greenvale who will be selling them to Tesco as their Farm Fresh Brand. The Jelly Potatoes are: buttery in flavour creamy in texture high yielding short oval ... Read on »
Saxon - A Multi-purpose Potato Variety for the Vegetable Garden. by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Mon 11 Feb 2008 3:28pm Saxon is a good all-round potato variety to grow in the vegetable garden, suitable for mashing, baking or chipping. Saxon: second early potato variety has stored well this winter superb tasting variety white skin and white flesh firm, moist texture suitable potato for boiling, baking & chipping resistant to Potat ... Read on »
Potato Variety Uses by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Posted Mon 16 Mar 2009 3:01pm Different potato varieties are suitable for different uses. Some varieties make excellent mashed potatoes, whilst other collapse when boiled & make a starch soup. This is so important in Ireland, that greengrocers still boil a sample of their potatoes each day & put the pan outside the shop, as proof that they are excellent boilers! ... Read on »