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ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation – The Long Term Effects of 2 Postoperative Rehabilitation Programs by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Mon 16 Nov 2009 10:01pm A new study examining the outcomes of two different rehabilitation programs following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction was recently published in AJSM.  The authors, from Oslo University in Norway, compared the outcomes from two groups of 74 patients (mean age 28 years old) after 6 months of rehabilitation. Group one performe ... Read on »
6 Keys to the Early Phases of Rehabilitation Following ACL Reconstruction Surgery by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Mon 18 Mar 2013 6:00am Tweet Tweet Rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction surgery has evolved significantly over the last 25 years.  We have progressed from casting the knee to allowing immediate motion and weight bearing in just a short amount of time.  As our understanding of ... Read on »
ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Thu 03 Sep 2009 10:14am Rehabilitation following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACL) continues to be a exciting and popular topic in orthopedics and sports medicine.  Just pick up any journal and you are bound to find at least one article of the ACL in each issue! Over the past decade, Kevin Wilk, James Andrews, and I have continuously adapted and expand ... Read on »
How Soon Should You Have Surgery After a Multiple Ligament Knee Injury? by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Thu 25 Feb 2010 3:00am                   Today’s post is another research update by Dan Lorenz on the effect of surgical timing in multiple ligament knee injuries.  There are pros and cons to both acute and chronic reconstruction.  My experience has always been to be about the middle of the road, get them early but let them settle down a bit first, then ... Read on »
What is a Cervical Disc Herniation ? How is it Treated ? Do I have to have Surgery ? What are the Symptoms ? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Tue 02 Jun 2009 4:35pm I thought I would start this post with an article I found from the North American Spine Society. The article explains what a cervical disc herniation is and what the conventional medical approach is as far as treatment is concerned (Hint-you will not see any mention of the DRX 9000 ). Here is the article: Herniated Cervical Disc ... Read on »
How Do You Rehab Your Rotator Cuff Repair Patients? by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Wed 13 Jan 2010 3:00am We have talked a few times about rotator cuff repair rehabilitation and how there is no conformity regarding the postoperative protocol and guidelines.  We had a lot of discussion following a post on rotator cuff repair last summer.  For some reasons, this continues to be an area where you may see large swings in preferences even ... Read on »
Can Physical Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tears Prevent Surgery? by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Tue 12 Nov 2013 6:00am Tweet Tweet Rotator cuff repair surgery and postoperative rehabilitation continue to be some of the most debated topics on the shoulder at orthopedic and physical therapy conferences.  Numerous studies have been published showing the failure rate of rotator cu ... Read on »
24 Days Post Op: 4 Days to go in Rehab by Lori Cee Posted Mon 02 May 2011 7:16am Today is the first day that I have been able to consistently get my feet in and out of bed.  Last night I didn't have to buzz for help to get out of bed which was completely awesome.   I also had too many chances to practice last night as I was pretty restless and was up four or five times.   Part of being able to do this is down to the fact that ... Read on »
17 Days Post Op: Where's my Rehab? by Lori Cee Posted Mon 25 Apr 2011 5:37am The gym was open today with one physio, though apparently I don't get to be on the list because I have advanced enough that I can do my exercises on the ward.  I am quite disappointed that I miss out on the opportunity to advance because I have been working hard and have been motivated to do so without supervision.  I still require assistance to ... Read on »
22 Days Post Op: 6 Days to go in Rehab by Lori Cee Posted Sat 30 Apr 2011 4:56am Today was the day that I changed physios.  I'm not overly thrilled about this and I'm not completely convinced that it was my preconceptions that have caused the problem.  I wasn't looking forward to it as I work well with the guy that I was working with up until today.  Today marked a major change and apparently everything I was doing was wrong ... Read on »