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Pork…the Other White Meat by Lauren R. Posted Mon 18 Apr 2011 10:35am Cooking Class is still going strong. My head is about to explode with all the new information and recipes I’m learning. To catch you up real fast the last class I showed you was Beef. After beef we learned all about pork. I went into the class thinking..’oh, I don’t like pork’, and I left the class with leftovers! I never knew the ... Read on »
Is Pork Bad for You? by Dawn Gifford aka Small Footprint Mama Posted Thu 06 Jun 2013 7:15pm Pork often gets a bad rap. On one side there are those who claim pork is traif or unhealthy because of religious prohibitions or because of the way the animal eats or is raised. On the other side are those who greatly enjoy “the other white meat,” including traditional cultures like the long-lived Okinawans and Caucasian Georgians who eat p ... Read on »
Meat Lover’s Guide to Marinating Meat (plus 10 Primal Marinades) by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 13 Oct 2009 10:00pm A Primal commitment to regular consumption of pastured, organic (expensive/hard-to-find) meats often means buying in bulk when a good price presents itself. Grass-fed steak runs rather pricey, so the average Grok on a budget can’t survive buying a juicy ribeye from Whole Foods every night; he’s got to pick his spots and stock up when he can. If ... Read on »
Mediterranean Stuffed Pork Loin by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 13 Mar 2010 9:14am Regardless of any opinions we might have about the Mediterranean Diet, this stuffed pork loin with a Mediterranean flair is right up our alley. The recipe for Mediterranean stuffing, made from red peppers, spinach, olives, garlic, nuts and an optional sprinkle of feta cheese (we couldn’t resist throwing some in), was sent in by Jade Kendall for ... Read on »
Dear Mark: Sleepy After Chicken, Microwaving Bone Broth, and Safest CAFO Meat by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 05 May 2013 7:06pm It’s time for yet another edition of , and this time I’m covering some interesting topics. First up is the phenomenon of sleepiness following a meal of chicken with the skin on. Far from being an unwelcome, foggy sort of fatigue, this particular brand of sleepiness is pleasing. Could it be something in the chicken? Next, I discuss whether or no ... Read on »
July 4th Grilling Tip - High Heat Makes Meat A Cancer Risk. by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 4:36pm July 4th is almost here and BBQ grills will be out everywhere. I don't eat much meat anymore but when I did, it had to be burned. I couldn't stand to see any pink and thought well-done was the safest, no e-coli etc. Little I knew about cooking meat - now I know the higher heat and "burning it to well-done" releases cancer causing chemicals! I' ... Read on »
Lamentations of a Pork Glutton by Bill S. Health Maven Posted Mon 24 May 2010 11:50am My back hur ... Read on »