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Talking Cardio, Carbs, And Christ With 'Biggest Loser' 2 Contestant Pete Thomas by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 1:35pm Pete Thomas was the at-home winner of "The Biggest Loser" 2 As Season 4 of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" is coming to a close next week, I have been promising you an interview with a very special past contestant from that popular reality television show. After months of taunting and teasing you with it, the day has finally ... Read on »
Obese Teens Likely to Be Obese Adults, Study Finds by HealthFinder Posted Tue 09 Nov 2010 9:00am healthnewslink Excess weight sets kids up for serious health problems, researchers say. By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter ... Read on »
Obese Teens Likely to Be Obese Adults by Medline Plus Posted Tue 09 Nov 2010 1:00pm Excess weight sets kids up for serious health problems, researchers say Tuesday, November 9, 2010 TUESDAY, Nov. 9 (HealthDay News) -- Obese teenagers are 16 times more likely to become severely obese adults than teens of normal weight, new research finds. Someone who is severely obese is about 100 ... Read on »
Overweight and Obese Teens Have Overweight/Obese Friends by Linda Posted Sat 18 Jul 2009 12:00am A recent study done at USC shows that overweight/obese teens are twice as likely to have overweight/obese friends than normal weight teens. The researchers also found that overweight girls were more likely to name more friends, but less likely to be named as a friend than normal-weight girls. The link between obesity and social networks was ex ... Read on »
Young Blood and Other News by Davalos & McCormack. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 21 May 2008 1:08pm I used to be a regular blood donor. Every few months, regular as clockwork, I would go to the local blood bank in London and have someone drain a pint out of my arm. But then Mad Cow Disease hit the UK and even though I now live in the US I was considered at risk, because I had lived in England and eaten British beef. So, no more blood donation ... Read on »
Autism Coverage at the OC Register --10 Stories by Kim S. Patient Expert Posted Fri 01 Nov 2013 12:00am By Anne Dachel There were a number of articles on autism published by the Orange County (CA) Register on Oct 18, 2013.  They were by all kinds of people involved in autism, including leading experts.   First, here's a doctor with two autistic sons.  This knowledgeable dad admits it's not genetics alone.  He also feels "we are c ... Read on »
Adolescent struggles worse for obese teens by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 11 Aug 2008 9:06pm Adolescence pretty much sucks across the board. There's pretty much no getting around it. You're hormonal. You have zits. Your body is changing. The social pecking order is being cemented, and you become remarkably certain of where you are on it. And there aren't very many places for fat kids. It was hard enough before, but with so much emphas ... Read on »
Family Dinners Can Build Teen Confidence and Reduce Obesity... by Donna Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 21 Nov 2011 9:05am Family Dinners Can Build Teen Confidence and Reduce Obesity JOANNE RICHARD, QMI Agency Toronto Sun, 11/19/11, Source Meals heal. Dinnertime doesn’t simply fuel bodies – it nourishes hearts and emotional health. Studies show that sitting down to family dinner several nights a week not only boosts grades, confidence and motivation, but teens ... Read on »
Child and Teen Obesity and Eating Disorders are a National Issue That We Can Help, says Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Thu 15 Jul 2010 4:13pm Fiction writing has given me, a positive psychologist and educator, a way of providing self-help information and support to girls, tweens, teens and the adults in their lives. There are so many topics to tackle: bullying,family dysfunction, relocation, crushes and of course body issues. In The Truth Series, the girl faces and handles many of ... Read on »
Most common medical causes of obesity and weight gain in children, teens by Angela M. Fals, MD, FAAP Medical Doctor Posted Wed 09 Sep 2009 10:38pm Moving on to number 8 on the  list of Top 10  culprits behind childhood obesity, we run into health problems -- sometimes there are hidden medical issues that make it very difficult to manage weight . Most common  medical issues  leading to weight gain in children or teens: Thyroid - Low levels of your thyroid hormone (a condition known ... Read on »