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To a Bountiful Winter’s Night- Ways to Recycle Your Pine DIY Style by Dr. Daisy S. Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Thu 26 Dec 2013 7:00am So the festivities have ended, at least for now.  The wrapping on the presents have been torn asunder, and the dishes from the holiday feast are waiting their turn in the dishwasher.  The family is nestled on the couch, the food coma taking hold, and there you sit, staring at your wonderful, natural pine tree. And you’re wondering what th ... Read on »
The Powerful Properties of Pine Trees (and other Extraordinary Evergreens) by Tera W. Patient Expert Posted Fri 02 Mar 2012 8:33pm Raw Food Recipes Raw Food Health Green Smoothies Tera Tidbits Success Stories Raw Food for Women Raw Food for Kids Raw Food for Men Natural Body Care Uncategorized WISH Summit 10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Blendtec Blender ... Read on »
Plant Devotions in Smoke: Bioregional Plant Incense by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 22 Feb 2012 10:20pm ~ This post was written for the Smoke Theme of the Wild Things Roundup ~ Finished block of incense made with Piñon resin, Juniper berries, Red Cedar heartwood, Douglas Fir needles, Rose petals, and much more. The rising smoke of fragrant plants has long been considered the food of gods and ancestors by humankind. Throughout ... Read on »
Winter Wildcrafting, Roots Music, and An Evergreen Liqueur by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Mon 21 Jan 2013 2:15pm Some may feel trapped indoors during the cold moons, but I enjoy both the warm respite by the wood stove and the chilly adventures out into the Junipers and Pines to gather lichen, evergreens, and take pictures of the ice glistening against the moss, lichen, shelf fungi, and a thousand different textures of bark and needle. Cold as it has b ... Read on »
Amber Teething Necklace by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 29 Mar 2009 3:19pm 1 Comment As a source of traditional healing that has been passed on through generations, the amber teething necklace stands out as an unparalleled example of alternative medicine with proven health benefits. Comfortable, lightweight, and very beautiful, amber is radiant with energies of peace and calm to those who wear it. Most of the unique and amazing p ... Read on »
Spring in the Country of Lichen and Spines: Fragments of Home by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sun 03 Apr 2011 10:09pm Spring in the Country of Lichen & Spines: Fragments of Home by Kiva Rose ~~~~ Warm temperatures have arrived early in my corner of the Gila, with the Golden Smoke blooming sooner this year than I’ve ever previously seen. This follows a cold (-35F is plenty cold for me, thank you) and dry Winter. Now our seasonal winds blow the ... Read on »
Wandering the Hills: Mariposa Lily in the Last Rays of Light by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 06 May 2009 10:12pm  May in the Gila brings a profusion of flowers that’s so constant it’s hard to keep up with. In just a couple of weeks, the Wild Roses, Elderflowers, Monkeyflowers, Motherwort and Beebalm will all be exploding from the riverbanks, arroyos and woods. For now, the Chokecherries and Wild Honeysuckle are just getting started. But this evening I went ... Read on »
Pinon Pines by Robert Folzenlogen Posted Wed 16 Jun 2010 12:00am Pinon pines do well in the dry, sunny climate of the Front Range and we have ten or so on our Littleton farm. Though some natural stands can be found as far north as Ft. Collins, these small, drought tolerant pines are best found on foothill shrublands south of the Palmer Divide, on lower slopes of the San Luis Valley and across the lower foothi ... Read on »
Evergreens and The Longest Night: A Solstice Celebration in Pictures by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 23 Dec 2011 9:15pm Walking Stick Cholla (Cylindropuntia spinosior) skeleton in the snow. Last night while I laid back in our old wood-fired clawfoot tub and felt the giant snowflakes falling on my face in the dark I was entirely consumed by how beautiful and precious these long nights and cold air are to me. All around me in the evergreen forests of my ... Read on »
WHEN IS A PINE NOT A PINE ? by Carolyn C. Patient Expert Posted Thu 22 Jan 2009 6:26pm Araucaria heterophylla On my drives around the Tampa Bay area I saw a most beautifully shaped conifer with widely spread branches and triangular outline. Good thing my friend knew a little about the flora in Florida and identified it as a Norfolk Island Pine. Yes, the same pine you've probably purchased in a pot for a sm ... Read on »