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Building a Pilates Home Gym, Part 1 by Elaine E. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 9:44pm If you've been practicing pilates for years and feel like you want to add a few pieces of equipment to your home gym, you might be wondering which pieces allow the most exercises and take up the least amount of space. I'm going to make some equipment suggestions in the next post, but first its important to realize the following be ... Read on »
Building Your Home Pilates Gym, Part 2 by Elaine E. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 9:44pm If you've read my previous post and decided that you have the space and desire to add pilates equipment to your at-home gym, here are some suggestions of equipment to buy. This selection is based on what takes up the least amount of space, yet offers the most possible exercises. Reformer/Tower Combo If you want a reformer ... Read on »
DIY Home Gym by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sat 29 Aug 2009 10:07pm Fitness workout at home seem to be more practical for many people. Although it is nice to socialize while getting in shape, gym memberships are not for everyone. Whether it is about the cost or your time, you should find ways to stay fit and active. America’s nutrition expert, Mitzi Dulan says, “Staying in shape doesn’t have to be expensiv ... Read on »
Building Your Own Home Gym by Lauren G Facebook Posted Thu 16 Jan 2014 1:33pm Hi There! I hope your Thursday is going well so far. Today, I wanted to share with you my tips on how to build a home gym for an affordable price. As an aerobics and Pilates instructors, sometimes the last thing I want to do to fit in my own workout is go to yet another gym. Especially on the weekends. I cherish my personal workouts, but spend ... Read on »
The Top 10 Essentials for Your Home Gym by Sandy H. Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 3:19pm Here are my recommendations for "the Top 10 Essentials for Your Home Gym." I have all of these items myself. Since I am a busy working mother like many of you, I find that having these items at home helps me to get in my workout, no matter how busy the day gets. I can also break up a workout pretty easily if the kids or responsibilities are to ... Read on »
Hemp Jackpot, Home Gym Underway, Grocery Store Pet Peeves, Do Your Own Thing or Influenced by Others, Leader or Follower by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Thu 22 Jul 2010 4:58pm Hi Friends! I am glad it's Thursday, how about you?  That just means we're one day away from the weekend!  And for me, Scott will be coming home Friday from his business trip which is a very good thing!  My agenda is still open for this weekend, but I am sure I will have no problem filling it in.  Any plans on tap for you yet? I went to the gr ... Read on »
Anatomy of a Soon-to-be Home Gym by ndscott Patient Expert Posted Mon 10 Jan 2011 12:00am Here it is ladies and gentlemen…my future home gym! Ha ha, can’t you just see me sweating over there in the corner?  As you can see, we have a fair amount of work to do before this is anywhere close to being a weight room.  However, after we move the bins of hand-me-down baby girl clothes (for which we have no baby girl, just two huge ba ... Read on »
Considering Building a Home Gym? Keep the Following Ideas in Mind by Kodjoworkout Posted Sun 01 Jul 2012 11:00am The convenience of having your own fitness equipment at home should surely be an incentive to start or improve your usual workout routine. Despite the initial cost of purchasing the home gym apparatus, it will surely benefit you in the long run if you no longer have to pay f ... Read on »
Guest Post: New Spin On A Home Gym by LetsTalkAndWalk Posted Tue 18 Dec 2012 6:02am Hello and Happy Tuesday! Quick shout out to my friend A – GET WELL SOON! Yesterday’s #HolidayADay Instagram Challenge was BE MERRY! I had trouble coming up with something and then I thought of a Christmas Card I made one year. A very merry OWL! Check this out! Today’s theme is SANTA! Hmm…. I have quite a few options fo ... Read on »
Home Gym Equipment by Angie All The Way Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 8:15pm So how many of you have equipment at home to work out? And what kind of stuff do you have. I am thinking about looking into getting some basic strength stuff so that there can't be an excuse to skip out on strength training if I can't make it to the gym for whatever reason. Plus it would be nice to have an option to change things up whenever I ... Read on »