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Percussion of the Thorax during physical exam: some comments by Dr. Gemzel H. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 04 Jul 2008 7:08am 1 Comment An empty thorax? Percussion of the thorax is a maneuver used by physicians to assess part of the integrity of lungs: their emptiness. As the lungs should be filled with air enough to be ventilated and proceed with the local gas exchange. Lungs are like a huge sponge with a big difference from the typical ones: their dividing walls are f ... Read on »
Trick of the trade: Percuss the spine in low back pain by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Posted Wed 05 May 2010 12:00am 1 Comment Many patients present to the Emergency Department for low back pain. Determining whether these patients have a red-flag diagnosis can be difficult. Red flag diagnoses include Fracture Cauda equina syndrome/ spinal cord compression Spinal infection Vertebral malignancy Almost all patients presenting with back pain, whether it be ... Read on »
Using Percussive Breathing Techniques To Reduce Neck and Back Pain by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Wed 03 Apr 2013 4:03am There are many different strategies for better breathing.  Good breathing habits can significantly reduce neck and back pain and improve body alignment and posture. Percussive breathing is one of my favorite breathing techniques to expand the lungs, mobilize the ribs, and train healthy breathing habits. In recent articles, I’ve shared ... Read on »
Iron Giant: UAB music grads, student with a passion for percussion set free Tuesday concert by UABNews Posted Fri 13 Jan 2012 4:16pm What do you get when you combine four Birmingham musicians with a passion for percussion? An Iron Giant. Iron Giant Percussion was formed when students Sam Herman, Brett Huffman, Seth Noble and Justin Wallace collaborated. Three of the four have since graduated, and the group is inspired and moving forward. The UAB Department of Music will p ... Read on »
HOMEDICS COMPACT PERCUSSION MASSAGER WITH HEAT FOR PAIN... by Barmac Posted Sat 03 Aug 2013 12:50pm The HoMedics Compact Percussion Massager with heat is a lightweight massager which combines heat and vibration to relieve pain, and is particularly effective for relaxing muscles that have gone into spasm. They say it works well for cramp and back pain, that is caused by muscles tensing and going into spasm. Read on »
Autistic Percussion Group by Bev Patient Expert Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 4:52pm video by rainbow0804 Read on »
Perseverative percussion by Bev Patient Expert Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 4:51pm I am so incredibly happy to have found this tune which has been a part of my internal soundscape for over 30 years. Ttsss-ts-ts-Ttss-ts-ts-Ttsss. Against stereotype, I am pointing this enjoyment out to share with others. Read on »
Types of Airway Clearance Devices by Lauren B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 27 Aug 2008 8:33am Cystic fibrosis patients have abnormally thick, stick mucus that is difficult to remove from their airways. In order to prevent infection a combination of medications and airway clearance techniques are used. In the past, the methods of airway clearance we cumbersome, time consuming, and, at times, downright uncomfortable for both patient and car ... Read on »
Postural Drainage and Chest Physiotherapy by Lauren B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 7:27pm From mist tents to vibrating air-filled vests, the world of airway clearance therapy for cystic fibrosis patients has undergone many changes over the last few decades. Their underlying goal is the same: stimulate the lungs to move as much sticky mucus out of the airways as possible. Patients with cystic fibrosis who are old enough to remember ... Read on »
Two Christmases ago we got a nic ... by Barbara M. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 21 Nov 2008 3:12pm Two Christmases ago we got a nice Yamaha keyboard, on which you can record music you play, all different sorts of instrumental and percussion sounds, you know the kind. For the first year it moved about the house looking for a place to land, but since last summer, we created a space off the living room where we have two sets of bongo drums; a ... Read on »