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Adult peer pressure. by Carla B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 09 Dec 2013 4:00am my current drink of choice… Im one of the few people I know who doesn’t reflect upon her youth with a wistful ahhh if only I could go back there! life was so carefree! It isnt I didnt enjoy it (I did. Methinks perhaps too much .) Im just painfully aware how exhausting it was even if, with hindsight, I can see how *not* stressful it ... Read on »
Avoid Teenage Alcoholism: Saying No To Peer Pressure: 7 Tips by addictiondoc Posted Sat 11 Dec 2010 4:24pm As parents, we ideally want to raise our teens to be drug and alcohol free. Most teens have been exposed to multiple opportunities for teenage binge drinking and been offered a variety of drugs. Unfortunately, these opportunities begin as early as middle school. Most parents tend to be very naive about how prevalence of teenage alcoholis ... Read on »
Random Thoughts about Running and Peer Pressure by RunDMT Posted Tue 31 May 2011 12:00am Last week, the running was a little light due to all the end of the year hullabaloo at my girls’ school.  When did the end of the year get more chaotic than Christmas?  Between all the parties, volunteering nearly every day, a field trip and a volunteer breakfast, I couldn’t keep my days straight!  Never mind trying to squeeze in a run!  I ... Read on »
Peer Pressure Impacts Parents Too by Beth F. Patient Expert Posted Mon 18 Nov 2013 8:54am Written by Marye Audet, Your Teen Magazine . We all warn our kids about peer pressure . Sadly, we parents don't always take our own advice to heart. Somewhere inside every parent is a 16-year-old who wants her friends to think she has it all together. If you have a teen that pulls good grades, excels in sports and goes on mission ... Read on »
[under] [pressure] by hers0108 Posted Fri 15 Apr 2011 8:37am It's Friday It's Friday! Yippie Yahoooo! Can you tell I'm slowly but surely coming down with a mad case of Senioritis? Wait...I'm not a senior yet. Well I sure feel like one! I scheduled classes yesterday :) Mmmmm, love the fact that I get priority over all of the under classmen!  As of right now I am registered for a few too many classe ... Read on »
Peer pressure working in more ways than one? by ericablue Posted Mon 13 Sep 2010 11:54am So I have yet another view on the non-drinking and "having one drink to be normal" concept. Here is my thought...why do you drink? Maybe you drink because you enjoy the taste, you appreciate the combination with foods, you enjoy relaxing after a long day, you enjoy the refreshing beverage on a warm day, its part of your sports watching ritual, ... Read on »
Social Media and Peer Pressure by Medline Plus Posted Tue 03 Sep 2013 9:35am Source: HealthDay - Related MedlinePlus Pages: Drugs and Young People , Smoking and Youth , Underage Drinking Read on »
Doctor Blog-How Much Alcohol Is In Your Drink? by Dr. Rima B. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Tue 22 Jul 2008 10:55am To follow is a press release addressing alcohol use and container labeling to help consumers decide how much they alcohol they are getting in the drinks they are choosing. NCL Challenges Myth that Some Alcoholic Beverages Are “Safer” and “Less Potent” New Initiative Underscores Need for New Alcohol Label                       ... Read on »
Peer Pressure or Personal Pressure? by Vanessa Van Petten Patient Expert Posted Sat 19 Dec 2009 9:00am 1 Comment Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Powered by WP Greet Box Maria Elena is a 16-year-old from Wilmington, DE. She enjoys dancing and cooking and her favorite subject is Math because she likes solving big equations. “If your friends jumped o ... Read on »
Doctor Blog--Smoking and Peer Pressure by Dr. Rima B. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Mon 07 Jul 2008 7:12pm Most of the time, when someone says "peer pressure", there are negative overtones.  In the May 22, 2008New England Journal of Medicine, researchers with the Framingham Heart Study detail their findings of how groups of people smoke together and quit smoking together.  The title is "The Collective Dynamics of Smoking in a Large Social Ne ... Read on »