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3 Boob Lifting Exercises for Perkier Pecs by Blogilates Posted Sat 02 Jul 2011 1:01pm I’ve yet to do a video on this one, but here are some very effective moves for lifting your chest and well, making your boobs perkier. There I said it! 1. STABILITY BALL DUMBBELL CHEST FLY Lay the upper part of your back on a stability ball and grab some dumbbells anywhere between 5-10 lbs, more if you are experienced in lifting. I use ... Read on »
Body Building Exercise For Smart Chest by Todd S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 29 Dec 2008 6:07pm 1 Comment A shapely chest is every one’s dream. Chest basically constitutes three muscles groups namely, upper pecs, lower pecs and middle pecs. The general pecs exercises work these shoulders, back, biceps and triceps. So by doing compound exercises you work a variety of muscles. The isolation exercises are different for each muscle group. In all the e ... Read on »
Mobility Exercise of the Week: Prisoner Lunge Walk with Pec Stretch by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 21 Aug 2013 5:31pm Those of you who have followed along with my "Exercise of the Week" series probably can tell by now that I'm a fan of "big bang for your buck" exercises.  This isn't just limited to multi-joint strength exercises like deadlifts, bench presses, lunges, squats, overhead presses, chin-ups, and rows, though.  Rather, it can also apply to mobility ... Read on »
Bench Press: The Best Of All Chest Exercises by Julie A. Patient Expert Posted Sun 29 Mar 2009 3:16pm Many women avoid chest exercises for fear they will over train their chest and gain a gorilla-like posture.  And for such reasoning, the bench press is normally not considered an exercise for women.  But there are benefits for women who get a good pectoral workout.  And while there are many different ways to get a good pec workout, the bench ... Read on »
A Powerful But Simple 5 To 6 Day Workout Program For Adding Real Muscle by Kodjoworkout Posted Mon 11 Feb 2013 6:02am There are plenty of workout plans on the web if you know where to look, but a lot of them are either aimed at absolute beginners or are somewhat gimmicky. Not everyone wants to try an experimental new method or dedicate themselves to an intense new regime, and not everyone w ... Read on »
Chest Exercises You Have Never Heard Of … by Marc D. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 23 Dec 2009 11:22am Chest Exercises for the Pec Deprived So if there was just ONE bodypart that you really wanted to improve…one bodypart that ALWAYS ends up first in your training routine…what would it be? I think chances are pretty good that it’s your CHEST! I mean, having that thick gladiator-like chest just screams power and strength. So ... Read on »
How to exercise after breast augmentation surgery by Marta M. Posted Mon 26 Dec 2011 9:35pm After a lot of thinking, researching and seeing several doctors, you decided to go for a breast augmentation. You can’t wait to go shopping for a new fitness-sports bra to look at your best in the gym or for your run with your running team. However, your post-surgery guidelines say you are forbidden to exercise for awhile. Suddenly, the idea ... Read on »
Pilates Exercise Tip: Chest Release for Pain-Free Arms & Shoulders on Overhead Arm Exercises by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Wed 28 Sep 2011 11:08pm A Quick & Easy Pilates Exercise Tip for Improving ROM for the Arms & Shoulders Do you or your Pilates clients ever struggle with shoulder pain or limited range of motion to lift the arms overhead?  Is it a challenge to keep the back or ribs from popping up off the mat when the arms go overhead on exercises like Ribcage Arms, or the Roll Up ... Read on »
Exercises You Should Be Doing: Side Lying Windmill by Tony G. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 26 May 2009 10:03pm First off, sorry for the delay in getting this blog post out.  I’m actually in the process of starting to move into my new apartment this week, and to say it’s been a bit of a nuisance would be an understatement.  Of course, I have yet to start packing- then again, I don’t have much to pack since my ex-girlfriend got rid of all my vintage t-shirt ... Read on »
Best Chest Exercise? by Lance B. Patient Expert Posted Tue 23 Mar 2010 12:33pm Yesterday I was in the locker room where two members stopped me and asked, 'Lance, what's the BEST  chest exercise?' It was kinda funny because they were both shirtless at the time and I wondered where this question originally came from... Although, I have a strict policy when it comes to l ocker room etiquette , this situatio ... Read on »