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Today’s workout is like patting your head and rubbing your... by karla522 Posted Tue 04 Oct 2011 10:07am 4 Oct 2011 8 notes ... Read on »
Exercise, clean eating & workout motivation. (creative? no. descriptive? sure.) by Carla B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 19 Nov 2008 12:47am Miz, I’m just curious - you are so fit! Have you always been fit? My head is full of diet, weight loss (junk) stuff! Do you follow an eating plan? Do you eat clean? Do you have a philosophy on eating? Have you lost weight before? I would love to pick your brain! PLEASE?? I know there isn’t a magic formula other than, I’m thinking, calori ... Read on »
Speed Workout by Donna Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:00pm Did my speed workout last night.  It was okay. We do our speed workouts at the high school track.  The band was practicing last night.  It was quite the challenge to keep my own pace, while listening to their street beat.  I looked down at my watch and saw me running and 8:20 pace, but that lasted all of a minute.  LOL I tried.  Running w ... Read on »
Workout of the Week: Cycle Workout by The Healthy Hostess Posted Mon 14 Nov 2011 1:42pm If you are in the mood to change things up this week. Give this spinning workout a try. I taught this class this morning and it was great! A good mix of moves and tons of sweat. If you don’t have a cycle or spinning bike to use, use a stationary bike! Think of the resistance on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the biggest hill you can handle a ... Read on »
Her Wednesday Workout Tips: Got Coffee? by Bobbi M. Patient Expert Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 12:13pm So last night was wonderful. My BFF from the 7th grade and I had a much needed dinner at her place. She did a great job with dinner, I wish I could have taken pictures but still no camera. She made Tilapia for me, because the hubby dosen’t eat fish so I rarely make it! I forgot how much I LOVE fish! This wasn’t just wany tilapia, this was Parmesa ... Read on »
Workout Recap: Week of 7/9/07 by Tri to Be Funny Patient Expert Posted Fri 17 Apr 2009 12:31am For my records and comparisons, here is a recap of last week's workouts. Lots of visible improvement on the swimming workouts! (Boring numbers for everyone else) Monday 7/9/07 AM 7 Mile Pace Run...See separate post about that one. Monday PM 7/9/07 Corture with Josh...Did 5 sets of the following and held each for 1 min. ... Read on »
Workout Wednesday: Lateral Burpees by Tara Posted Wed 25 Jan 2012 7:00am There is something so innocent, almost sweet about a baby's burp. As I pat gently on her back, my daughter will often turn her head on my shoulder and share one with my ear.  Not so cute, should that same burp come from an adult. Not that I'd be patting an adult on the back, and not (especially) that I'd have one slung over my shoulder. B ... Read on »
HHAC: Five Days of Workouts! by Mariposa .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 12:20am I think I need to start getting in the habit of posting my workout immediately after it happens so I don't delay the post, or simply forget! Of course, I didn't forget about posting the workouts but my time management skills were lost this weekend and I was pretty much too lazy to do anything. But I did work out! Saturday morning I walk ... Read on »
Beginner Treadmill Workout (with a detour) by Roni N. Patient Expert Posted Tue 18 Nov 2008 11:56am Most of you know my workout history, right? I mention it on my Workout Progress page (which I’m not updating as much as I should). It’s a very summarized version of my personal workout history but if you look at a stream of old posts since starting this blog you’ll get a pretty good picture of my progression these last 3 years. If you look ... Read on »
Why Skipping Meals and Workouts is Healthy by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 10 Mar 2009 3:01pm The Dreaded Skipped Meal!!! Conventional wisdom tells us that “grazing” is the optimal way to eat. Constant snacking; more frequent, smaller meals rather than the classic breakfast, lunch, dinner set-up; and an ever-present fear of hunger as the enemy: these are said to line the path to healthy weight loss. If we ever feel hungry, it says, ... Read on »