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HUMAN BODY PARTS FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER Inside a Creepy Global Body Parts Business by Terry S. Patient Expert Posted Mon 31 Aug 2009 2:10pm SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International ~~ August 28 2009 42.90 Euros Per Arm Inside a Creepy Global Body Parts Business By Martina Keller and Markus Grill The German company Tutogen's business in body parts is as secretive as it is lucrative. It extracts bones from corpses in Ukraine to manufacture medical products, as part of a glo ... Read on »
Harvesting Human Body Parts–An Industry That Could Certainly Benefit from the Use of 2D Bar Codes As Nobody Knows or Track by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 17 Jul 2012 10:08pm This is a topic that people don’t like to talk about a lot, self included and there are abuses.  You can watch the video and see how the business operates with “for profit” companies.  Many years ago in another life I worked with a guy who was in sales as was I for his day job and at night he was a courier for this business.  He would pick up a ... Read on »
Regenerative Medicine – Growing Human Body Parts by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 14 Dec 2009 12:03am What we used to think of as Star Wars is not really so any longer, it is here.  I have posted about regenerative medicine quite frequently here and have a couple interviews with Cook Medical with their products that create scaffolds for body parts to grow and regenerate.   Knee Scaffolds Help help rebuild the Cartilage after injury – Reg ... Read on »
Body Parts Broker Found Guilty of Grand Theft – Making Cash on the Side at UCLA by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 17 May 2009 10:46pm What’s an arm or leg worth from a cadaver?  Evidently quite a bit when you look at the money made from the scheme.  This was all over the news a while back and now we have the convictions, steal body parts that are donated, it’s grand theft.   It also calls for UCLA to better monitor the program, which was shut down for 18 months.  The directo ... Read on »
ADULT STEM CELLS Revealed: The secret of how worms re-grow amputated body parts… and how humans could one day do the  by David Granovsky Posted Tue 27 Apr 2010 12:00am Revealed: The secret of how worms re-grow amputated body parts… and how humans could one day do the same By Daily Mail Reporter Scientists have discovered the gene that allows a worm to regenerate its own body parts after they are amputated, it was announced today. The research into how Planarian worms can re-grow bod ... Read on »
Fruits and Veggies Look Like Body Parts by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 4:38pm Have you ever looked at a fruit of vegetable and thought it looked like a body part. There's a reason for this, it's interesting and makes sense. The doctrine of signatures is an ancient European philosophy that held that plants bearing parts that resembled human body parts, animals, or other objects, had useful relevancy to those parts, ani ... Read on »
The Effects of Nicotine to Human Body by Patrick Posted Sun 27 Feb 2011 12:34pm There might not be any other situations where you can acquire a long list of harmful side effects than with smoking. This is not new information. Any person that has a significant amount of nicotine on the body can end up having serious illness from head to foot, may he be single or married, young or old. Smoking can be rude especially to your ... Read on »
NIH Human Microbiome Project Defines Normal Bacterial Makeup of the Body by Medline Plus Posted Wed 13 Jun 2012 4:50pm Microbes inhabit just about every part of the human body, living on the skin, in the gut, and up the nose. Sometimes they cause sickness, but most of the time, microorganisms live in harmony with their human hosts, providing vital functions essential for human survival. For the ... Read on »
The Fantastic Human Body by Imre Kissik and Andras Szekely Patient Expert Posted Tue 25 Nov 2008 10:31am In light of the recent Bodies exhibition I saw in Budapest, Hungary, and the latest edition of the Saw series, I warmly welcomed a recent post on Mediq about a Thai artist , Kittiwat Unarrom, who literally bakes human body parts from good-old-fashioned bread. I believe this picture describes it best: Further reading: Thai Artist B ... Read on »
Nails Help To Illustrate Total Body Health by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Wed 12 Jun 2013 11:00pm Dana R. Hando knows that nails are an important part of the body. After her years of experience in a salon, she has seen nails of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Now Dana is speaking out on a new article that explains how this small body part can actually serve as a clue to the health of the rest of the body. A piece from The Huffington ... Read on »